HOLLYWOOD—This latest season of the reality series “Little People, Big World” has been intriguing. The audience is still witnessing the fallout of that farm deal that fell apart between Matt Roloff and his son Zach Roloff regarding Roloff Farms. Whatever happened during that meeting with Zach, Tori, Caryn and Matt had to be so explosive that it created a rift that just does not seem it will be repaired anytime soon people.

The bulk of the narrative revolved around the changes in Pumpkin Season as Matt came to the realization that his decision not to keep the family home with one of the kids in the Roloff clan has caused a major division. As a result, Chris and Amy partook in Pumpkin Season to help Matt and Caryn, however, it was apparent that Amy was very apprehensive about participating in the chaos; Chris on the other hand was all in. Yes, Chris and Matt have an odd bromance and I know that is very odd and awkward for Amy who finds herself spending a bit more time with her ex-husband than she pleases.

Zach and Tori are completely over the Roloff Farm and had no desire to partake in Pumpkin Season. Was it a bit odd and heartbreaking to witness? Yes, but Zach had his stance and had no plans to participate. He and Tori are enjoying their family in Washington and planned to go camping with Amy and Chris joining along the way. It is very apparent Zach is hurt by what transpired with his father and the farm and to be honest seeing Zach, Tori and their family on the farm would have been great.

Jackson and Lila are so cute and seeing them grow up and develop their own personalities on the series is such a treat. Throw in Josiah and that is even more stress for Zach and Tori who have gone from two kids to three kids. Zach and company decided to go kayaking which was hilarious as Lila was not having a good time at all. She had the biggest face of disappointment while in that kayak. Discussions about the farm were highlighted between Zach and Tori who made it clear to Amy and Chris they would not be attending or visiting Matt for Pumpkin Season. A bridge has been burned and I’m not sure if it will ever be repaired.

Chris loved partaking in the Pumpkin Season personal tours, just as Amy and Chris got an invitation to see the farmhouse as it’s been staged to allow people to rent the property to the public. Matt is a bit of a control freak, so this should be intriguing to see how he navigates this situation. It was tough seeing that footage of Amy and Matt when they were married and living their life on the farm with the kids. I’m still baffled to see them divorce after nearly 20 years of marriage. I thought they would last the test of time, but she’s happy with Chris.

Being back in that home was quite tough for Amy I can understand why she didn’t want to go back into that home. The house being available for rental to the family when they couldn’t purchase it is just baffling. Yeah, Amy said it best: none of the kids would rent the property. It is definitely not going to see Jeremy or Zach rent the property, and Molly Jo has been MIA for years since she grew up and left for college and Jacob left the show for personal reasons years ago. Things ended a bit tenuous this season so I am eager to see if this farm drama continues when the series returns or rather the audience will see new things and horizons. We will have to wait and see.