WOODLAND HILLS— The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority released the news on Friday, July 24 that they have acquired 20-acres of land from a local family.

While the family has remained anonymous, the statement said the family has been in possession of the land for decades. The release further states:

“Located south of the unpaved portion of Mulholland Drive and west of Santa Maria Road above Woodland Hills, the back country property is part of a key cluster of public land in the 20,000-acre undeveloped urban wilderness known as the ‘Big Wild’ extending from the 405 Freeway to Topanga Canyon,” it stated. “The land’s permanent protection will extend connectivity and habitat for local wildlife between Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park and the MRCA’s Summit Valley Ed Edelman Park.”

The new land is adjacent to the MRCA’s already owned 1,500-acre Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park in the Santa Monica Mountains.

MRCA is a local government entity with the duty of keeping the preservation and management of open space and parkland, watershed lands, trails, and wildlife habitat. They participate in vital planning processes, provide natural resources and scientific expertise, and complete major park improvement projects.

The MRCA manages and provides ranger services and fire protection for almost 75,000 acres of parkland that it owns and that are owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.