LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA—On February 26, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) website revealed over 17 pages of individuals who were granted early release dates under Assembly Bill #109 (AB 109). The convicts on these pages are all people who were released with strict probation conditions.  Unless otherwise stated by LASD, of the convicts on this list. have active warrants against them for violation of their probation.

The following information came directly from the LASD webpage:

“In April 2011, the California Legislature and Governor Brown passed sweeping public safety legislation (AB 109) that effectively shifted responsibility for certain populations of offenders from the state to the counties. Assembly Bill 109 establishes the California Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011 which allows for current non-violent, non-serious, and non-sex offenders, who after they are released from California State prison are to be supervised at the local county level. Instead of reporting to state parole officers, these offenders can report to local county probation officers.”

Governor Brown installed the bill in 2011, granting probation to what were supposed to be minor offenders who report to a probation officer. Governor Newsom took office in 2018, and has since participated in the same program, by granting early release dates to prisoners Newsom found worthy of probation.

LASD Most Wanted

Donald Florez, 62, Hispanic male, 6’ 1,” 215 lbs. Florez has an extensive adult criminal history beginning at age 18. His convictions include lewd or lascivious acts upon a child under the age of 14, failure to register as a sex offender, burglary, and possession of a controlled substance. He has served multiple state prison terms, the longest term served was 10 years for sexual abuse of a child. Florez was released from prison on May 13, 2019, under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Probation Department. A warrant was issued for his arrest in September of 2022. 

LASD Most Wanted

Sanjay Varma, 40, Indian descent, 5’ 6,” 170 lbs. Varma’s convictions include vehicle theft, possession of a controlled substance while armed, evading police, felon/addict in possession of a firearm, identity theft, and sale of a controlled substance. Varma was affiliated with the Varrio Pasadena gang. His release date was March 10, 2021. A warrant was issued for his arrest in November 2022.

Michael Smith, 34, White male, 5’ 11” and 190 lbs. Smith has an extensive criminal history and was convicted of burglary, possession of narcotics/controlled substances, resisting and evading a police officer, possession blackjack WPN battery[weapon], child cruelty, and transport/sell of narcotics/controlled substances. Smith has served multiple state prison terms. He was a known affiliate of the Northside Pasadena gang. He was released on August 16, 2020. A warrant was issued for his arrest in November 2022.

LASD Most Wanted

Robert Lucero,57, Hispanic male, 5’ 7,” and 140 lbs. Lucero is a convicted sex offender who served a 14-year prison sentence for rape. He has served multiple other prison terms and was convicted of, DUI, possession of narcotics, selling a controlled substance, and failure to register as a sex offender. Lucero was released from prison on December 3, 2022. A warrant was issued for his arrest in December 2022 for non-compliance with his terms of probation.

Alonzo Job, 36, White male, 5’ 11,” and 175 lbs. Job’s criminal history includes carrying a loaded firearm, identity theft, vehicle theft, resisting a police officer, check fraud, petty theft, assault, illegal possession of ammunition, and receiving stolen property. Job has an affiliation with the Southern Region gang. He was released on August 30, 2020. A warrant
has since been issued for his arrest.

Damian Curtis, 40, Black male, 5’7,” and 180 lbs. Curtis served multiple prison terms, the last being for grand theft. He was affiliated with the 42nd St. Crips gang. He was released on November 14, 2018. A warrant was issued for his arrest in 2022.

These are a fraction of the dozens of perpetrators who have not complied with the terms of their probation.  A complete list of Los Angeles County’s Most wanted may be found on the LASD website.

If you know any of their whereabouts, please contact LASD at 213-229-1700 or 626-308-5105.