CALIFORNIA—The husband of Los Angeles County District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, will be charged with multiple misdemeanor charges after he was filmed pointing a handgun at Black Lives Matter protestors in the early morning hours of March 2.

According to a press conference Mrs. Lacey gave immediately after the incident occurred, her husband David stepped out onto the porch of their Granada Hills home, pointing his gun at protestors, out of fear for her safety. This was after she had reportedly been confronted in public and received several death threats from multiple individuals.

In a statement issued on behalf of both herself and her husband, she stated, “The events that took place earlier this year have caused my family immense pain. My husband acted in fear for my safety after we were subjected to months of harassment that included a death threat no less than a week earlier. Protesters arrived at my house shortly after 5 a.m. while I was upstairs. My husband felt that we were in danger and acted out of genuine concern for our well being.”

The cellphone footage shows Mr. Lacey not only pointing his gun at the protestors, but also saying, “Get off my porch. Right now. Get off. Get off of my porch. I will shoot you. Get off of my porch.” This resulted in state Attorney General Xavier Bacerra filing three misdemeanor counts of assault with a firearm.

Lacey’s attorney also issued a statement: “My client and I are disappointed that the Attorney General’s Office felt that the conduct at issue amounted to criminal behavior.” His attorney, however, seemed to suggest that he is confident that his client will not be found guilty.

Meanwhile, Jackie Lacey is up for re-election, taking on former San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón. This is in the midst of Mrs. Lacey facing demands for her to resign after what civil rights activists feel is a questionable record of not prosecuting police officers for various cases of police brutality.

If Lacey wins the election, this would be her third term as District Attorney.