LOS FELIZ—On August 13, the Los Feliz Public Library posted their final DIY arts and craft project onto their official Instagram page. The weekly tradition of DIY projects had been occurring since June 4 and was led by a group known as “Teens Leading Change” of Silver Lake and Los Feliz Branch Libraries.

The final project is a treat known as “Apple Smiles,” which can be made with apples, mini marshmallows and peanut butter (though peanut butter alternatives, such as cookie butter and sunflower seed butter, are encouraged to be used if nut allergies can cause potential problems for the individual). Unlike the more recent projects, which are at least 8 steps, the process behind creating apple smiles is shorter with 6 steps.

The post also contains an official statement from the organization, stating that “It’s been a great few months providing the Instagram community with funky crafts and activities! We hope our posts have helped you cure your boredom and brought you joy during quarantine!”

Though this project marks the end of the library’s tradition of quarantine crafts, the post notes more activities to come in the future stating “stay tuned for next week where we’ll be making a special announcement!”