LOS FELIZ—On Tuesday, August 25, the Los Feliz Branch Library announced that in celebrating “Free Comic Book Summer” with other libraries and local bookstores, they had graphic novels/comics currently available for the public. The post contained pictures for some comics that could be checked out as an E-book or picked up at the library. The post ends by encouraging followers to support local bookstores and listing some such as: Counterpoint Records and Books, Dokya LA, Siam Book Center, an Skylight Books. These local retailers are all located in the Los Feliz and Hollywood regions.

Free Comic Book Summer was initially known as “Free Comic Book Day,” which their official website states is “the comic book industry’s largest annual promotional event.”

Originally scheduled to annually take place on the first Saturday of each May, COVID-19 forced the event to be retitled into “Free Comic Book Summer” and rescheduled into a multi-day event from July 15 to September 9.

During this time, local comic shops will apparently receive five to six Free Comic Book Day titles during each week of the event. These titles can then be released according to the retailers’ schedule, so they could release one free title per day, or make all the free titles available at once.