HOLLYWOOD—Are you bored with “The Bold and the Beautiful?” I know I am people. What is it with the writers of this soap opera that LOVE to recycle the same love triangle over and over and over and over again! Audiences had to deal with the Liam, Steffy and Hope love affair for nearly a decade plus if NOT longer. However, here we go yet again with another love triangle one that has spanned decade’s people involving Brooke Logan, Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes.

Ridge is once again playing this yoyo game where he wants to be loyal to Brooke, but she has disappointed him so many times with her countless affairs. However, that forces one to raise the question, what about Ridge’s cheating. Brooke is not the guilty party in their love story. However, this time, Ridge was disgusted, livid when he heard that recording from Child Protective Services where ‘Brooke’ was believed to have made the call to report Thomas regarding Douglas’ safety.

Anyone with a brain could tell from a mile away Brooke would never talk in that manner, nor would she blatantly lie to Ridge about it when confronted. Ridge has a way of getting the truth out of his wife, and the camera shots all, but screamed that Brooke had been framed yet again. Guess who is behind it: Thomas Forrester! Now, do I think Steffy will go along with this secret? Absolutely! Thomas used his son’s voice changer device and framed Brooke and it looks like it is working for now.

Ridge flew off to Aspen to reunite with Taylor and Steffy. He professed his love and it looks like Ridge is about to dedicate himself to his former ex-wife with whom he shares children with, not knowing his sinister son is at it once again. Brooke was tipped off by Bill where Ridge may have been headed. Brooke charted off to Aspen to win her hubby’s heart back, but what she came across was a devastating sight. Ugh, here we go again. The question is will this result in Brooke finally severing ties with Ridge and turn to Bill, Deacon or a former lover? I can only hope that is NOT the case people, but who knows.

Speaking of Bill, I would prefer to see him aligned with Li they have better chemistry and the Bill and Brooke Merry-Go Round is just tedious at this point. Katie is NOT giving him a chance, and it looks like Carter and Quinn are dunzo. I mean I would LOVE to see the writers deliver Katie Logan with a storyline because she has not had one in what feels like 2 years people. Since we’re talking about the Logan sisters, why not chat about Donna who shared her concerns with Eric about Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.

With that said, a war of words erupted between Thomas and Donna, yes, Donna people where Thomas might have said a bit too much raising a few eyebrows for Donna. Yes, a lot of the issues with Ridge and Brooke’s marriage is directly connected to his children: Steffy and Thomas. These two are grown adults who need to mind their own business. Steffy, who was near death, has a crazed mother-in-law working behind the scenes and she has absolutely no idea of the danger that is coming her way. He husband was dead, but instead of worrying about taking care of HER FAMILY, she is worried about his father’s marriage. Give me a break lady.

Then there is Thomas who has done more devious misdeeds than I can imagine. Making Ridge think Brooke and Hope killed him, lying about Sheila swapping Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with actually champagne to keep his parents together. Now, he framed his stepmother by claiming she reported him to CPS, when it was actually HIM!

Talk about crazy, this might be the nail in the coffin for Thomas who looks like he is obsessed with Hope yet again and hoping to reunite with her to become a loving family. Thomas Forrester needs serious help people and the fact that his mother, Taylor, who is s psychiatrist, doesn’t see this boggles my mind. I’m worried what Thomas might do next people, but fans should expect someone to discover Thomas’ secret in the coming weeks and how it is exposed or continued to be kept hidden should come to light by November Sweeps.