HOLLYWOOD—Well, Tyler Perry sure knows how to amplify the drama when needed on his soapy series “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Angry Men’ alerted Kelly that getting that gun to protect herself from Travis is not a bad idea. He nearly choked her to death, well unconscious. Finally, a woman spotted Travis attacking Kelly and was ready to mace him, but it looks like the Christian weaved a tale to cover his tracks before vanishing.

Pete updated Lushion on his conversation with the FBI and things are in movement to take Eddie into custody. Well, at long last, the Devil himself is about to finally face the music. Ok, I’m sensing something bad is in the works for Pete, but I’m hoping my intuition is wrong people. Esperanza was stuck babysitting hoping for an update from Alex and Kelly. She informed Lushion that Kelly is being harassed by Travis and things could be getting dangerous. He asked Esperanza to poke for information from Alex on what happened with Andrew.

Kelly arrived home looking defeated, Esperanza, worried sick about her pal helped her into her home and saw the visible bruises on her neck. Esperanza, yes! She took photos as evidence and then alerted Lushion of the urgent matter, who learned precisely what transpired. It became apparent to Lushion that Dion and Ric (who also work at the police station, are dirty cops also or just stupid). Lushion made it crystal clear to Kelly that he plans to take care of Travis and that she can’t be afraid. At the police station, he looked for answers, but it was apparent that we’re dealing with dumb cops, per usual.

Stephen was not happy to learn that Pete delivered details to the FBI about Eddie. He was willing to blow his cover, if Stephen didn’t bring in Travis. Well, it seems to get things down you have to throw around your weight a bit. Eddie and Lushion had a tense conversation, where threats were made as expected. Kelly was relieved to learn a warrant was out for Travis’ arrest. Yes, Kelly acknowledged that she suspects that Travis may have played a role in Ramsey’s death. Esperanza insisted for Kelly to stay at her place for the night.

Well I was certain Alex wouldn’t make an appearance in this week’s episode, but the damaged woman had a conversation with Brad about the status of their relationship. Brad seems to be warming up to Alex more and more, which means Marcie might be out in the cold. Alex revealed that she lied to the judge about Randal being the father of her child. Alex was livid to learn that her little white lie is spreading like a firestorm. What?! Brad admitted his love for his wife, just as Alex revealed her love for her hubby has never vanished. The situation was complicated because of Alex’s child with Randal.

Now this is getting juicy, Alex slightly pegged what the audience knows: Marcie is pregnant with Brad’s baby. He seemed out of the loop, and she revealed to Brad that Marcie is pregnant! Now that is how you drop a bomb people. He was dumbfounded by the revelation, but Alex and Brad’s conversation was interrupted by the ever-annoying Randal who never seems to have anything to do but annoy people. Would someone already drop the bomb on Randal that Marcie is pregnant; I would love to see the look on Randal’s face to learn that his wife is pregnant, and it’s not his.

Hearing Brad acknowledge that he wanted to physically harm Randal was quite cathartic for the audience in my opinion. As much as one hoped Randal would change after his near death experience, it’s apparent, nothing will change that guy; nothing. Kelly was awaken from her sleep by a dog barking, which prompted her to check on her son, who was ok. She locked all the windows in her son’s room, and all the doors and windows in the house before returning back to her bedroom, where she was startled by Travis placing his hand over her mouth.

Next week marks the season finale people, and with a 90-minute finale in play, there are plenty of surprises in store for viewers. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!