HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” was a fun one people, especially considering it was directed by star Troian Bellisario. ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart,’ the episode kicked off with Emily and Alison having a conversation about the complicated situation involving Emily being a mom-to-be. Looks like Aria has indeed crossed to the dark side, as A.D. made threats if she doesn’t play along the people she cares about will pay dearly.

Hanna went into defense mode informing the other liars that Lucas had no possible involvement in Charles aka Charlotte’s dangerous game. Spencer dug a bit with Marco about the finger that was delivered to the Rosewood Police Department. It does seem like the fractures are becoming bigger and bigger in Ezra and Aria’s relationship, just as A.D. sent another facetime video with a vicious threat. Aria spilled the beans to A.D. about Charlotte’s father, which seemed to strike a chord. Interesting, this seemed like a much bigger clue than I initially expected.

Ali gave Emily confirmation that the baby inside her is indeed hers, but the question of the hour is who is the baby daddy? Spencer discovered someone was inside the barn, courtesy of a wine bottle and a note. Lucas and Hanna decided to search for any evidence they could find tying Lucas to Charles and they discovered a comic book the friends wrote together.

Ali got the scoop from Marco on details about Archer Dunhill, pinpointing that multiple parties were involved in a cover-up. He hinted at the liars. Aria had a strong intuition about Lucas maybe being A.D., but if the writers are going in that direction, its apparent Lucas is not the big bad. Hanna realized when she went back to retrieve that comic book, it was missing, which means Aria did her job as expected. Emily informed Ali that she wanted to keep the baby, which seemed to alarm Ali who wasn’t 100 percent certain if she wanted to carry a baby to term.

Spencer received a note in that wine bottle that contained a key. Mona is back in the mix, and was not pleased to learn that Lucas is selling Hanna’s place of business and Hanna alarmed Mona about the new game that A.D. is playing. Aria was forced to go to locker 214 inside Rosewood High and to deliver that very revealing comic book. However, as soon as she closed the door, she returned to retrieve that folder, she found a black hoodie. Looks like she is part of the ‘game’ people!

Mona started to decipher the game to help Hanna and the liars in their quest. She got a bit too close to the game, which nearly sliced her face. Mona seemed too obsessed with the game to say the least, but clued the audience to the fact that the mastermind is one hell of a genius. Who’s smarter than Mona people? Uh, Spencer!

Spencer arrived at a home that appeared to be vacant, courtesy of that key that was delivered to her. Aria was worried when she discovered that Ezra was leaving yet again, and she unleashed a bit of rage. She gave him an ultimatum, but he didn’t budge on his decision. Spencer was startled to discover that Marco followed her, and then made accusations that she might be culpable to Archer Dunhill and his demise.

Wow, Spencer, sloppy, sloppy, you might be caught in a web that is difficult to get out of. So much for that romance tale! Paige revealed to Ali that she was leaving Rosewood, but wanted an answer on where Ali and Emily’s relationship stands. It was revealing to finally see Ali confess how she truly feels about Emily, so much for Pailey; I’m all in for Emison people!

Hanna asked Mona to help her play the game to win, and for once Mona had to fight her sins of the past because it could cause her to resort back to her old ways. While at the airport, Ezra was surprised to spot Spencer having a conversation with Wren. What?! We haven’t seen Wren in years, so for him to return back to the mix means something. Hmm, Spencer is keeping secrets again.

Ali gave Emily her wish and decided to keep the baby, just as Ezra made a big decision and returned back to Aria, however, he did not seem too happy if you ask me. During the final moments, Spencer received another note, indicating it was all a trap. A.D. was seen sending another message to Aria threatening to unleash her file if she doesn’t comply. Can’t wait for next week’s episode as the audience will learn a shocking secret about Lucas and his connection to the enemy! Until next Tuesday, “PLL” fanatics!