HOLLYWOOD—After what has seen like an entire year or more of torment, Travis is starting to face the music on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Dark Intentions’ picked up where last week’s episode ended, with Natalie reacting to the news that the gun her pal sold to Kelly was stolen from Ramsey. Lushion played hero to clean up a major mess, and per usual Natalie got flustered when she couldn’t reach her pal and realized that she put Kelly in a terrible position.

On their way to chat with Kelly, Lushion and Natalie spotted Travis spying inside the home from a distance. Lushion started to question Travis who was very flustered, someone looks guilty people! With restraining order in effect, Lushion placed Travis under arrest, and it was a moment I have been waiting to witness for weeks and it was worth every second of it. Kelly chatted with Travis who started to unravel; yeah, this guy is whacko.

From one stalker to the next, Esperanza was not pleased to see Steven waiting outside of her home. She confronted her co-worker. Steven used his charm to cue a few laughs from Esperanza, just as he confessed his feelings for her. It became apparent that Steven knows much more about Esperanza than she imagined. Natalie dreaded the conversation, but she was forced to tell Kelly the truth about that gun her pal sold to her. Kelly went into panic mode when she realized she purchased a stolen gun, and it belonged to Ramsey. I feel for Kelly, she looks like she could explode at any moment considering all the turmoil she has endured.

The flirting continues between Ian and Marcie, and he made his intentions clear to the very pregnant lady, who has not yet divulged her bun in the oven. She shut Ian down, but it was apparent he wasn’t ready to give up without a fight. Ian was frustrated when his dinner date was interrupted to deal with a client of the firm; that person turned out to be Travis! Yeah, this is going to put Ian in a terrible pickle considering he is representing Kelly.

At the police station, Travis continued to resist Lushion’s authority, just as Eddie confronted his partner about Steven and Esperanza secretly hooking up behind his back. Oh, things got heated as Steven and Eddie had a face-to-face conversation about Esperanza. Man seeing Steven get under Edward’s skin so easily was epic television. Travis continued to play dumb with Lushion about his tactics against Kelly, but little does Travis know Lushion is FBI buddy; he’s smarter than you think.

Lushion accused Travis of murdering Ramsey, and he pushed all the right buttons to start to get Travis to sing, but in ways that only a true detective would catch. Lushion totally pushed Travis’ buttons, talking about Ramsey and Kelly hooking up, calling Travis a b**ch and so much more was well worth it, that was until Ian showed up. When Ian learned that his client is the one harassing Kelly, he was put in a bind, and Ian was forced to drop Kelly as a client. With the walls closing in on Kelly, Lushion decided to dig a bit into Travis’ past by gathering detail on his brother.

Alex and Brad’s quiet evening was ruined when Eddie burst into his home ranting about Esperanza. Wow, Eddie wanted Brad to implement a hit against Steven, but Brad was having none of it. Looks like that friendship is completely fractured America. Brad and Alex were concerned when they realized that that camera that Randal set-up could have secretly recorded their conversations, especially that one about the paternity of her baby.

Now, we actually get to a surprising twist “If Loving You is Wrong” fanatics. I speculated a few weeks ago that something scandalous transpired between Larry and Randal in their past, and the drinking between the buddies alluded to that more than ever. Yup, Larry dropped the bomb by revealing to Randal that Marcie is pregnant! Oh, things are about to get crazy good, especially with the season finale transpiring next week. I suspect we’ll finally see an important character of Maxine depart once and for all. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!