CALIFORNIA—On Friday, July 10, a passenger with Lyft was caught on camera punching and spitting on a driver after she accused him of arriving at the wrong destination in Torrance.

The driver, Pedro Cubias spoke to local reporters with his wife as an interpreter noting he took the passenger to the destination detailed on the app. He felt he may have initially made the female passenger upset after telling her to put on a mask, and once they arrived at what appeared to be the correct destination, she got angry, yelling at Cubias, who told her to get out of the car.

The woman unsuspectingly punched Cubias several times, exited the car and attempted to spit on him. While the suspect did not make contact when attempting to spit on Cubias, he and his wife are worried about the possibility of the passenger displaying symptoms of the Coronavirus and infecting him.

Due to the actions of the passenger, Lyft removed her from the rider community, and she is no longer able to utilize the companies services. The company is working with Cubias and local authorities to locate the passenger.

Authorities are investigating the incident. Anyone with information regarding the passenger or incident is asked to contact the Torrance Police Department at (310) 618-5641.