Make America Sane Again

CHICAGO – A geophysics professor who is named Dorian Abbot was invited to speak at an honorary lecture at the University of Chicago, but was later disinvited because of his past statements arguing for academic evaluations based on academic merit.

The professor who graduated from Harvard and focuses on climate change and possible life on other planets using mathematics, physics and computer simulation wrote a piece in defense of his “cancellation” from the twitter mob that came after him – mostly consisting of graduate students who found his work toward a fair academic campus threatening the “safety and belonging of all underrepresented groups within the department.” Abbot said that about five years ago he “noticed an increasing number of issues and viewpoints become impossible to discuss on campus” and although it was a freedom of speech issue, he figured it would “eventually go away.”

Like Abbot, many Americans realize that keeping your mouth shut is the safer bet when it comes to your career and your reputation. When Joe Biden ran for President, he instilled fear and guilt into the masses. Fearful for our lives being that ending COVID-19 was entirely our responsibility to fix and should we slip up, it was on us, not him as a potential president who had everything he could ever need rolling into his presidential term – a vaccine ready to distribute to anyone who wanted it. Biden was more concerned with proving his opponent, Donald Trump, and his administration wrong. His mission was to sell the idea that he was the savior that we all needed, and we bought it. Instead of doing right by us, Biden has prolonged this pandemic while dragging us through the mud with a new “science” update every few months leaving local government and businesses with the burden of quickly coming up with a solution and with that, panic and fear ensued. Should we all just “be in this together”, freedom will be back at your fingertips but you must listen or you’re responsible for the death of fellow Americans. He then proceeded to push the ideology that every white person has been racist since the day they were born because America is so “inherently racist.”

So here we are, almost two years later and eleven months into his presidential term still abiding by rules that he has authorized people like Anthony Fauci and local government leaders to force upon us with no hope other than to trust our neighbor to “do the right thing” even if your children or religion comes at the expense of those rules. But, at the same time, we have been brainwashed into believing that our neighbor is a bad person should they decide not to wear a mask or just simply be a white person.

President Biden’s strategies are wearing out. We are tired and we are aware of this agenda that has no finish line. Americans have developed this sense of internal censorship. It has become an unwritten rule that if you speak what millions are thinking then you are the enemy. The majority of what we see and read is so spun and emotionally manipulated that a news worthy story about a man acting courageously can’t be covered by mainstream media outlet unless they find out the race of that man before-hand. We know this is unjustifiable, but we sit and cower into these mainstream ideals because our leader let others lead and those leaders let us lead and although we are all trying to literally check and balance each other we are working on the basis that America is foundationally a horrible and racist country which has only resulted into more segregation, hate and fear.