UNITED STATES—The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant changes in the sport and recreation industry. Many people had to cancel their events, festivals, and tourism activities due to the lockdown and fear that going out may expose them to the coronavirus. In turn, individuals opted for indoor entertainment and virtual gathering. However, with the reduced positive rate for the SARS-CoV-2, students can now safely spend leisure time outside their homes. Although some outdoor activities are still unsafe and restricted, various fun options are risk-free. Choose your favorite and enjoy, and wr1ter will help you free up time for relaxation without compromising your studies.


Spending time alone or with a few friends in the pack is fun and economical. There are a variety of public parks that students can choose from for leisure activities. To enhance the experience, the learner can carry their best meal or order from their favorite restaurant. Noteworthy, walking through the park while viewing beautiful sceneries and the animals helps the mind to relax. Thus, the students can enjoy the fresh air and break the monotony of spending time indoors.

Mountain Climbing

The last year has been characterized by minimal movement and exercise. In turn, mountain climbing provides an opportunity to have fun while cutting down on the excess calories that may have been gained while staying indoors. Besides, students can go in groups to enable competition between participants. The aerial view on top of the hill can be breathtaking. In addition, the individuals can carry packed meals and share to enhance their experience.

Cycling in the Forest

Riding a bicycle with a friend can be fun, especially when done at a serene place such as the forest. Students can drive to the selected location and hire the bikes for the day if it is far. Remarkably, most forests meant for such activities have different paths, including flat, curvy, and hilly roads to offer a vast experience and choice. In addition, this can be an excellent chance for bird watching and learning about various botanical species that are native to the region. The students can also choose to compete or play hide and seek to make the moment memorable. 

Boating, Swimming, and Fishing

For students living near the ocean, there are many fun activities that they can choose. For instance, friends can go on a boat ride where they row together. Notably, the student should choose to go for this activity with colleagues who have been vaccinated. Secondly, the student can also try fishing using arrows and bows at the fish ponds. Thirdly, there are plenty of private beaches which are not crowded and allow the student to sunbathe after playing inside the water. These activities are fun ways of spending time, learning while engaging with colleagues.

In summary, it may be time to resume outdoor activities after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted outdoor recreational activities. Things are yet to resume normalcy, but now students can break the monotony of staying indoors by engaging in different low-risk activities. In specific, some suggestions for entertainment, exercise, and bonding with friends include bike riding, picnic, mountain climbing, swimming, boating, and fishing. The critical thing to remember is to minimize risk by following protocols while having fun.