MALIBU—On Monday, July 8, the Malibu City Council addressed ideas and recommendations regarding the location of a future skate park. The city council agreed to not only build a temporary skate facility at Bluffs Park, but also a permanent one at the same location in several years.

Children and adults gathered at Malibu’s City Hall for the regular meeting agenda in support of the skate park project. The park was originally proposed in 2017 when The Parks and Recreation Commission arranged a series of community workshops where attendees favored the preservation of the space, but voiced their support for a skate park.

The Commission was asked to review the Trancas Field community outreach results and make a recommendation to the city council regarding potential use for the property.

Community Services Director, Jesse Bobbett suggests the park be built in the 1.7-acre area adjacent to the Malibu Bluffs Park. Bobbett states the park is a priority for the city as there is a significant public need for it.

Along with surfing, skateboarding is a signature sport for the city of Malibu. Guest speaker, Jaden Mitchell stated that he and his friends have been kicked out for skating in areas they are not allowed to, “It’s not fair,” he said.

Malibu resident and mother of two middle school skateboarders Susan Emerling, believes that a local skate park in Malibu will do “wonders for our community, everyone will know each other and get along and that’s what we want here right in the middle of our town.”

Emerling stated the park would prevent her and other parents from driving miles away from home to skate parks in order for their kids to practice tricks on their boards.

The delay of the park is the result of the city’s effort to fit in the $42 million worth of vacant land at the civic center and Point Dume in their estimated budget. Due to last years’ fires, the city made a lot of cuts, but in order to satisfy residents’ wishes, a master plan has been implemented for the park.

City Council decided to come up with plans for a 10-15k square foot temporary skateboard facility with above ground ramps and to come back with approximately a one-acre permanent skatepark.

During the meeting, City Council member Karen Farrer said: “I am all for anything that can get a skatepark on the ground as quickly as possible.”

Malibu City Hall will host a special meeting in August to address additional information about the parks’ timeline and costs and arrange a final decision.