MALIBU—Chris Brossard is the new Fire Safety Liaison for the city of Malibu on March 29, 2021. The Fire Safety Liaison was a position created after the 2018 Woolsey Fire in order to protect the residents and enhance the city’s wildfire capabilities.

Brossard is replacing seasoned firefighter Jerry Vandermeulen who will retire after more than 20 years and was part responsible for safety planning after the Woolsey Fire, according to the Malibu Times.  Although retiring, Vandermeulen will work for a few weeks with Brossard to ensure a smooth transition. 

Brossard’s experience brings “16 seasons as a firefighter with the United State Forest Service (USFS), spending most of his time in the Los Padres National Forest, Ojai Ranger District.” Along with time spent as a Public Information Officer, Incident Communications Technician, and as an Engine Captain in Peru to name a few, according to press release from the city of Malibu. 

A statement from the press release released on April 12 discusses  the duties of the Fire Safety Liaison position reads: 

“The Fire Safety Liaison provides a valuable Home Ignition Zone Assessment service for Malibu residents…The Fire Safety Liaison also provides technical fire prevention and response expertise to the City leadership, monitors fire weather and fuel conditions, and is in constant contact and coordination with the LA County Fire Department on fire preparedness, planning and response.”