MALIBU—Malibu police have been increasing their presence due to potential civil unrest during the election process. 

The presidential election happened November 3, 2020 between Joe Biden (Democrat) and Donald J. Trump (Republican and current president.) 

The Malibu police suspect that there will soon be civil unrest. From the station’s original 8 hour shift, it has now turned into 12. 50 extra deputies were staged.

Malibu Mayor Mikkie Pierson has stated that the city of Malibu “supports peaceful protests.” They have also been wary of the violence going around near the city. The city has been monitoring the population to stop any violence.

There have been many claims made online that there will be looting. There have been reports of increased tension and anxiety caused by the election of 2020.

Many restaurants and shops have decided to board up. However, it is not just Malibu that is predicting civil unrest and protests.

In Rodeo, a prominent area in Los Angeles, most if not all the shops have been boarded up. In West Hollywood, they are also boarding up. In Melrose, a salon decided to board up as well. 

In May, people started looting during protests. They broke windows in and took items ranging from money to clothing.

The LAPD and the LASD have also been preparing for any potential civil unrest.