UNITED STATES−Two incidents of possible voter fraud were reported n November 3 that has been censored by YouTube.

Joe Biden won the state of  Virginia in the Presidential election 53.9 percent to Donald Trump’s 44.6 percent.

@realDavidBlagic tweeted, “Why did every source on election label Virginia as blue even though Trump is winning with about 60 percent of the vote?”

In another report, a poll worker took ballots home with her.

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., publicly reported that she took a friend to the polls to vote in her home state of Georgia. The woman came into the polling station to vote, and she was never asked to sign for her ballot. King relayed that the lady asked about it. “Don’t I have to sign anything?” No signature was required.

In another report on governing.com, the Director of Elections, David Bjerke, in Church Falls, Virginia told reporters of a “curing process” for ballots that were mailed to the wrong jurisdiction or without the mandatory information enclosed.

Bjerke’s job is to ensure misplaced ballots get to their intended location.

“My father works for Fairfax County elections,” Bjerke says. “So, it’s been pretty easy for me to give my ballots to him. There’s a good chain of custody there.”

He indicated that when a ballot makes it to the right place, it is sometimes rejected because the voter forgot to sign or other routine errors. This year though, there is a remedy for these ballots through a “curing” process. “If there’s something that would in most years cause us to reject that ballot, we now have a law that says we have to contact the voter and give them time to come to cure it,” says Bjerke.

“We’ve had a couple of dozen get cured. But really, considering how many we’ve mailed out, it’s not many.” Today, there are still a handful of uncured ballots in a box by Bjerke’s desk.

Voters in both Arizona and Michigan complained that they were given Sharpies to vote with instead of pens.

An individual who goes by Jeff Harshman tweeted, “I voted 29 times by mail in 29 different districts in battleground states. Vote Joe.”

Diamond and Silk reported on a voter fraud program put together by the Biden administration ahead of the election.

Dr. Ben Carson said, “We are a country that can send men on the moon, and we can’t monitor voting appropriately.”

Project Veritas reported that they have received over 1,000 tips for voter fraud for 2020. Anyone with information about potential voter fraud can email tips to veritastips@protonmail.com.