WEST HOLLYWOOD—On July 15, a man accused of burglarizing a neighbor’s residence was arrested, according to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The alleged incident occurred at around 12 a.m., when the suspect, Gregory Manley, reportedly entered one of the apartments inside his residential building on the 1000 block of Sierra Bonita Avenue. It is believed that Manley was intoxicated during the commission of the alleged burglary. Authorities are investigating possible motives for the burglary, and if anything was stolen.

After the suspect left, the burglary victim contacted the Sheriff, and arriving officers reportedly found Manley standing outside the building.  The suspect was arrested and charged with burglary, possession of controlled substances and being under the influence of narcotics, according to police.

Canyon News contacted the Beverly Hills Court, where Manley showed up for his arraignment on July 19.  A representative informed Canyon News that Manley pled not guilty to the charges that were made against him and has another court date scheduled on August 3rd.

“He [Manley] has been remanded to custody,” the spokeswoman stated.  “A defense attorney named Silva Megerditchian has been assigned to him.  His public defender was present in court.  Manley has been served a copy of a protective order in open court and has a bail amount set for $50,000.”