WEST HOLLYWOOD–On Thursday, August 20, a man was taken to the hospital after being accidently shot in the stomach.

On Thursday around 8:45 a.m. a man who was described as being a jewelry owner was in a room with friends at the Andaz West Hollywood hotel. According to reports, he was showing friends jewelry he had acquired. The man, after showing his friends the jewelry then proceeded to show them a handgun that he legally owned.

It is a mystery as to how the friend came in possession of the gun, but it was only reported that one of his friends was mishandling the weapon when it accidently went off, shooting the jewelry owner in the stomach.

Authorities arrived and the victim was taken to Cedar Sinai Hospital where he is listed in critical condition. The identity of the victim has not yet been disclosed to the public, but he is believed to be in his 30s, according to reports.

The friend that accidently shot the jewelry owner was identified as Daniel Dixon, 30. Dixon was arrested and booked at the West Hollywood station. The charges against Dixon are for discharging a firearm and gross negligence when handling the weapon. The bail for Dixon was set at $35, 000.

Anyone with additional information about the incident accident are asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station at (310) 855-8850.