UNITED STATES−As of Friday, April 23, the ballots submitted for the November 3, 2020 Presidential election in Arizona was challenged by the Arizona GOP and has yet to be resolved.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Timothy Thomason ruled on Friday, December 4 that it was within the Senate’s authority to subpoena the materials and equipment so it can audit the election.

“The Court finds the Subpoenas are legal and enforceable,” Judge Thomason stated.

The following quote has been taken directly from the Revised Arizona Statue 16-624(A), an order from Judge Thomason.

“After the canvass has been completed, the officer in charge of elections shall deposit the package or envelope containing the ballots in a secure facility managed by the county treasurer, who shall keep it unopened and unaltered for twenty-four months for elections for a federal office or for six months for all other elections, at which time he shall destroy it without opening or examining the contents,” Thomason stated.

Reports indicate that the Senate never ordered the Board of Supervisors to conduct an audit in the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MTEC). The Board of Supervisors denied the Senate access to the (MTEC) building and reportedly failed to turn over the ballots.

The Senate agreed to be one hundred percent transparent and that a bipartisan group would be chosen as audit watchers. Cameras would reportedly be used to ensure integrity throughout the process.

The Senate then held a closed-door meeting with the Board of Supervisors two days ago to discuss logistics. The Board of Supervisors that oversees the audit has reportedly caused many delays.

Trump Speaks On Forensic Audit, April 24

A bag of shredded ballots found in the dumpster, loading dock doors left wide open, the ballots being left unsecured, and the nine tabulation machines have reportedly been disassembled and reassembled.

Canyon-News has been contacted by sources that choose to remain anonymous, that have obtained many eye-witness reports and evidence of voting irregularities transpiring in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Our sources indicated that witnesses went to the MTEC building and found the building-wide open and unsecured. While there, they looked in one of several dumpsters and found a bag of shredded ballots later confirmed to contain 2020 ballots.

There are also photographs and video footage obtained by witnesses.

Msg. From Trump

Senator Borrelli (R-AZ) spoke to one of these witnesses, demanding the ballots found to be turned over to him. The entire call was recorded and documented. One of the witnesses refused to turn over the ballots indicating that they had provided the Senate with the evidence right after the election and they failed to act upon it.

The Board insisted that the ballots be moved and stated that the MTEC building cannot be used for the audit.



An attorney working on the case pro-bono indicated the board has sued the auditor for what the attorney believed to be frivolous reasons used as a scare tactic.

Democrats Attempting To Halt Audit


The audit is scheduled to begin, Friday, April 23, 2021. The Board and Democrats now have 70 attorneys representing several firms trying to stop this audit and as of April 22.

Democrats have filed a Temporary Restraining Order for the second time, to stop the audit; the first one was denied by the court.