SHERMAN OAKS⁠—On Monday, May 11, residents in Sherman Oaks reported people clustering in groups on the trails near the Wisdom Tree. The trails opened again to the public on Saturday, May 9. Local resident Mark Gleason told NBC4 news that he filmed a group of people holding up a Marine flag, were only two were visibly wearing masks.

The video was confirmed by two posts made to the Sherman Oaks Marines Instagram page. Both posts have now been deleted. In the picture, recruited trainees posed close together without face masks. The U.S. Marine’s official statement to NBC4 was that the group was on a conditioning hike. They clarified that recruits were asked to wear masks, likely removing them for better breathing.

The trails opened to the public for the first time over the weekend since closing in mid-March. The State of California deemed the trails wide enough to prevent crowding and re-opened them as part of their loosening stay-at-home measures that have been in place.

All hikers are required to wear protective gear including masks and respect a 6-foot social distance on trails. Authorities have stated harsher methods might be enforced if hikers do not follow the guidelines already in place.