STUDIO CITY—During a weekly media reporting, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he will be waving current city requirements for businesses to have permits in order to hang “Open” banners on their storefronts after several small businesses received fines.

Earlier in the week businesses in Studio City such as Crave Cafe were issued fines for $356 from the Department of Building and Safety for going against city Municipal Orders to gain permits in order to hang up signs advertising business hours. The Cafe had a banner stating they were “OPEN FOR TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY.”

Garcetti opened up the topic by explaining the situation and stating: “While the inspectors were doing the job we ask them to do based on the way the rules were written, tonight I’m changing those rules so they can stay focused on helping businesses,” Garcetti said. “We need to support safely operating businesses, not cite them.”

He further said that these were signs letting customers know they were open for business and as long as the businesses are permitted to be open, there is nothing wrong with advertising during such a hard economic period. 

Many of the businesses fined have lost a lot of revenue and been affected negatively by the coronavirus pandemic. Garcetti first was made aware of the fines on July 22 and made a statement he would do what he could to support local businesses.

“Businesses are struggling to stay open. We need to do everything we can to help. They’re struggling to pay their employees, they’re struggling to serve their community, and I want them to know that their city is here to help,” Garcetti said Friday night. 

With the new order, all fines given out prior have been rescinded. Crave Cafe posted on their Facebook after hearing the news: “We are so grateful for the support of our patrons and our community. It felt like the whole city came to our defense in response to us and our neighbors being fined during the pandemic.”