HOLLYWOOD—From television to movies, the three most powerful and creative geniuses in Hollywood today include men whose names will go down in history: MGM’s Louis B. Mayor, RKO’s Howard Hughes and WB’s Jack Warner. These men are creative geniuses during a time when actors, producers and filmmakers work as a collaborative effort to enthrall their viewers. Today’s giants include a television mogul, Bradley P. Bell, who comes from one of the most distinguished and creative families in America, Steven Spielberg, who after making such giant steps with “ET: The Extraterrestrial” and “Jaws” decided to make his dreams work for him and build his own studio and then there is the man who hails from New York City’s Italian community, who has worked with giants from “Godfather” fame and beyond, Martin Scorsese. These men all have one thing in common—they are mavericks.

Television’s legendary Bell family includes writers, producers, creators and actors. Bradley P. Bell may have been born with the name and the looks. However, he single handedly took over the reins of his father’s creation and brainchild “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and in his own mother’s words, “Bradley has done more with ”˜B&B’ than his father ever could have dreamed of doing,” said Lee Bell. I concur very loudly and succinctly with Lee’s assessment. “B&B” has won every award, including the Daytime Emmy for Best Drama Series in both 2009 and 2010.

Recently honored with a Guinness Book World Record for viewer ship, “B&B” is seen around the world by an astounding 39 million people every day. The soap has consistently remained at the number two spot, only second in the Nielsen ratings to its sister soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” Whatever Bradley touches, turns to gold. Under his leadership, Susan Flannery has received a record three-Leading Lady Emmys, and many other casts have received the Emmy and/or been nominated. His work ethic is only paralleled by the siblings and sister-in law who all make television so exciting.

From “Schindler’s List” to “Jaws,” nothing Steven Spielberg touches fails. He is the man in Hollywood with the Midas touch. Spielberg is the chief head of DreamWorks Studios, which creates and produces some of the most enlightening films of our generation. Whenever an actor hears that Mr. Spielberg is interested in them, they know that their career in movies is set for life.

From “The Godfather” to “Gangs of New York,” moviemaker Martin Scorsese fought his way from obscurity to prove that he could be a giant in Hollywood. Also such a maverick, the director lives full-time in New York City, where he has called home for his entire life. Now helming HBO’s newest hit “Boardwalk Empire,” Mr. Scorsese is the hardest working man in entertainment. He’s currently working on his next film in London.

Photographs Courtesy: Bradley P. Bell by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions, Steven Spielberg by Dreamworks Studios and Martin Scorsese by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Studios
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