HOLLYWOOD—Well, Carly Corinthos took a gamble and it did NOT pay off on “General Hospital!” Ned and his ego just wouldn’t allow him to align with family and he sided with Valentin allowing him to remain CEO of the family business. Edward and Lila have to be turning in their grave, and I don’t even want to guess what Tracy would think if she returned to town people. Valentin wouldn’t allow the merger, meaning Drew and Michael’s plans were kaput and Carly was dealt a major blow. She utilized her shares of the hotel and guess what she lost massively, she might even lose the Metro Court as a result and this is where Nina comes into play people.

How so? Drew tossed out a proposal to sell Crimson to Nina who thought about it, but at the same time you could tell she was apprehensive. As a result it would have given Nina some well-needed leverage over her enemy and Carly would be at the mercy of her foe, as she has information related to Nina and Willow’s heritage. Yeah, things are getting damn complicated people, with Willow and Michael learning about her pregnancy. I suspect this will play a vital role in the truth about Willow being Nina’s daughter coming to light as a pregnancy crisis transpires in the coming weeks.

It is going to get messy, before things calm down. I mean Carly could turn to Sonny, who did offer to provide her with the capital, but nope, her ego would NOT allow it. Ugh, I swear Lucy just gets on my last nerves, she has no loyalty to anyone and to see her receive her comeuppance for not being loyal to anyone would be delicious TV. It has already proven to be effective as Sasha is about to tank Deception with her drug addiction and erratic behavior that Gladys knows about, but refused to divulge to Brando who senses his wife might be on edge. That culminated this week with that live TV event where Sasha spiraled and the truth about her still being addicted to drugs came to light and the help she needed was finally in play.

Valentin’s odd behavior is sending red flags to multiple parties. Not only is Anna aware, but so is Laura and Felicia has picked up on it also people. Valentin had a secret meeting with Victor which has me eager to want to know more America. Valentin seems to be all in on whatever Victor is up to and the audience knows from Valentin’s past he can be a wicked villain and considering his father (if the audience still suspects that to be true) is aligned with him, two villains are far worse than one people.

The Esme is about to be exposed plot is surely heating up people with what are likely to be catastrophic results, as the vixen has already slept with Nikolas and is using that as leverage to blow up Nikolas’ marriage when she seems fit, and wants him to pull strings to get back inside Springridge after Kevin terminated her internship. Yeah, Esme is going to flip when she is exposed and I suspect a redemption arc is underway people, but this gal has done some vicious things to say the least.

Spencer is trying to expose Esme via a paternity test, but he would NEED to know who her father and mother are to make that happen people. Spencer is also seeing that Trina and Rory are getting closer, just as Curtis and Marshall are also working to prove Trina’s innocence by getting a leg up on the person who Esme purchased that burner phone to frame Trina for that video upload. I completely forgot that Trina was with Spencer at his mom’s grave the day that video of Josslyn and Cameron was uploaded people. Girl what are you waiting? Spill the beans right away people and I mean right away without any delay because Esme’s exposure is likely to lead to her dropping the bomb about sleeping with Nikolas and absolute hell being unleashed as a result people.

FYI Cody and Britt will become an item in the near future, the writers are just toying with the idea right now of them hating each other, but it’s apparent their hatred for one another will soon turn into a love affair. Have to admit I really don’t care that much about this romance.