HOLLYWOOD—I feel like I have been waiting for this moment for nearly two years and while not as glorious as I wanted it to be, it was still a moment on “General Hospital.” Michael Corinthos, Carly Spencer, Josslyn Jax and Dex have all been exposed to Sonny Corinthos. Yes, the hypocrites of the soap opera were nailed to the wall, and it was glorious to witness. After more than a year of deceiving his father, Michael was exposed after the so called ‘traitor’ in Sonny’s organization continued to infiltrate his inner circle.

Yes, Michael’s greed to continue having Dex work within Sonny’s organization after he hired him as a plant has come back to haunt him. Brick, who I thought should have figured out Dex months ago when he was vetting him, stumbled upon a large amount of funds being transferred to an offshore account. I mean all signs point towards Dex being the person trying to take Sonny out, but we all know that is way too easy and obvious.

Sonny had Dex kidnapped and drove him to a secluded area where Dex was about to be taken out. Sonny wanted answers on his boss, but Dex refused to sell out Michael and Carly and was about to die, when out of the blue who shows up, Carly Corinthos. I am kind of sick of Carly coming to the rescue all the time when a crisis happens; there are other characters on the soap opera that should be able to shine a bit. Carly pleaded for Sonny not to do something he would regret. She had to disclose that Dex was working for her and Michael, and that Michael originally hired him to take Sonny down.

Sonny was baffled, it left him bewildered and couldn’t fathom that his own son wanted to send him to prison. He lashed out at Carly (and rightfully so), before a confrontation with Michael that was a bit lackluster to say the least. I wanted a fury of rage from Sonny, but he was a bit calmer than expected. Oh, it totally feels like Sonny and Ave are going to sleep together and it is going to be interesting to see how that plays out if Nina learns about it because her so-called pal just slept with her husband. This just further proves Ava is a wicked villainess to say the least and she is a top priority. I’m sorry Carly and Sonny this woman played a role in the death of your son Morgan; that is a difficult pill to swallow and forget about.

Ava did warn Sonny about cutting Michael off similar to how she did with Kiki, and that she didn’t get resolution with her daughter before she was murdered by Ryan Chamberlain. Sonny in a rage confronted Dex, who was ready to have the trigger pulled on him to prevent from being without Josslyn. Oh, what the classic soap troupe people. Cry me a river. Sonny made his demands and when the dust settled, Dex was gone and Josslyn was an emotional mess. It was terrific acting from Eden McCoy I have to give her that.

With all that said, this exposure HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE RETURN OF JASON MORGAN IN MARCH! Yes, Jason is coming back and that means everything in Port Charles is about to be turned upside down and many lives in the process as well. This brings us to the investigation involving that mystery shooter, who tried to take Sonny out more than once, there are connections to the WSB and O’Neill who sold the stolen weapons to that individual.

I was certain it was Jason Morgan until last week when it was revealed that Olivia Jerome is now dead. I did for the longest time think Olivia was Austin and Mason’s big boss, they kept touting a female and she was the only person that registered for me. If not, the only person I can think of is Claudia Zacchara, but she wouldn’t have the muscle to shoot at Sonny, and she was killed by Michael, so who is this trained assassin. that is what I want to figure out.

As noted, the writers totally have me glued to this storyline because I want to see how it plays out, but I feel I will ultimately be disappointed, which I hope isn’t the case. The war between Drew and Nina is heating up and Valentin has come to her aide, just like I expected. He has made some moves and purchased The Invader from Sean giving him control and Nina some serious leverage to stick it back to Carly and Drew for taking over Crimson. With that said, Alexis and Gregory have some new players to deal with and if I’m Alexis she shouldn’t have too much of an issue with Nina considering her past is riddled with mistakes as well.

Drew is fueled with rage to get back at Nina and I wonder if his antics are going to lead to his demise or someone he cares about dearly. If there is one thing “GH” refuses to do it is kill off key players, but I feel like it might be time to knock out a few people to create an epic murder mystery. They had that opportunity with the hook, but never did much with it to the satisfaction of viewers. Things could start in February and you can have the storyline wrap up by the end of May Sweeps, that would be too much like right though for “General Hospital.”