SANTA MONICA—On Tuesday, April 9, the Santa Monica Police Department informed Canyon News that a suspect who threatened a lifeguard that resulted in the closure of Pacific Coast Highway has been arrested.

Public Information Officer for the SMPD, Myesha Morrison indicated at approximately 11 a.m., officers responded to the 1200 block of the Beach for an individual threatening a lifeguard with a metallic rod. The suspect, later identified as Michael Vincent Parrett, 38, who police indicated was a homeless man, jumped from the roof of Lifeguard Tower 12 and approached the victim with the rod, thrusting it towards him several times. The victim was able to dodge out of the way and was not injured.

Parrett was found by officers in the 400 block of Palisades Beach Road and ignored the officers’ commands and started running on the sidewalk, approaching multiple bystanders, while still holding the rod. When the officers intervened, the subject ran into the bluffs overlooking PCH. As a result of the risk of the suspect falling onto PCH and into traffic, the California Highway Patrol assisted in closing northbound and southbound traffic.

The suspect threatened that he would not give up without a fight resulting in the Crisis Negotiations Team responding to the location. Dialogue with Parrett continued for over an hour and half with no impact. Parrett informed officers that would have to shoot him before he gave up. Officers attempted to use less than lethal means to have the suspect drop the rod and surrender. He continued to maintain control of the weapon, refusing to drop it.

He was taken into custody with the assistance of a department K9. Parrett was taken to a local area hospital for evaluation before being transported to the Santa Monica Jail. He was booked for 245 (a) 1 PC – Assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to inflict great bodily injury.