UNITED STATES—On August 30, the National American Humane Society, falsely reported that dogs were left behind in Afghanistan when U.S. troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan to meet the August 31 deadline set by the Biden Administration.


Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, who is the founder of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, has had to shut down her Twitter page due to an immense response from people outraged thinking that the dogs were military dogs left behind.  Highly trained dogs belonging to contractors were the animals left behind.

Canyon-news reached out to a special-ops veteran who worked when the U.S. was pulling troops out of Iraq several years ago and explained that contactors who have to leave hastily may be forced to evacuate themselves before dogs.

“Those were contractor dogs. There is no way that U.S.-trained military dogs were left. Some of them have more rank than the soldiers. A soldier would strap their canine to their chest before leaving them behind. There is no doubt that the dogs left behind are highly trained working dogs owned by contractors who had to leave in haste, and will come back for them,” said the veteran.


Another U.S. Veteran, that has continued working in the Pentagon, made a statement about the current administration:

“Biden doesn’t care about common people nor animals. His advisors are equally as bad.”

Both of the U.S. Veterans quoted above must remain nameless due to their rank and assignments.

Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby, said that the dogs are in the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue.