MALIBU—Baseball stars Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun and Mike Moustakas raised funds during annual softball games created by the payers for victims impacted by California’s wildfires disasters. The news was announced Monday, January 13.

Celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Cody Belling, and Patrick Dempsey attended the softball game and supported the cause raising awareness to local communities.

Funds were distributed to the California Strong Fund (CSF) which was founded in 2019 by  Yelich, Moustakas, Braun, Jared Goff and Mikey Attansio. CSF has now been listed as part of the disaster relief program.

According to the organization’s webpage, the mission aims to provided immediate assistance to borderline victims who have lost homes, businesses and other personal properties in California’s wildfires.

CSF raised $1 million in charitable donations last year from the community. Larger amounts are expected during the new season’s game. For additional information or questions about CSF, visit the California Strong website.