HOLLYWOOD HILLS—The Los Angeles Police Department discovered a car near the 9700 block of Blantyre Drive on Friday, April 21 after it crashed off Mulholland Drive in Hollywood Hills.

According to reports, the car slammed through a guard rail and plunged over a cliff in the Hollywood Hills, ABC 7 News reported. Brendan Carroll, a resident in the area contacted 911 after spotting the car lights on, but no driver inside.

The LAPD found the car with its lights on, but did not find a driver or passenger in the vehicle.

Authorities continued to search with K-9 units and helicopters for the missing driver throughout the evening. By 11 p.m. there was still no sign of the missing driver.

The missing driver, who authorities suspect may have tried to kill himself, was later found walking on a nearby road uninjured, authorities indicated. The unidentified driver was transported to a hospital for treatment.