UNITED STATES—Money it is the one commodity that we all want more of. For those who have plenty they always want more, for those without it they are always clamoring or working harder to obtain more of it. With that said, why is it when some of us have unexpected funds that fall into our laps we spend it foolishly. This brings me to two things: the $1200 or more that most Americans received from the government as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the extra $600 a week most Americans unemployed received from April thru July. Yeah, that is a lot of money America, something I really wish I had transpire for myself.

With that said so many people took those additional funds and instead of creating a rainy day fund spent money frivolously. Look there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself, but you have to be aware that with spending money that you know should be spent on other things (household expenses, medical bills, something you direly need) that you could be placed in a pickle at a later date.

You have to weigh the good and the bad, and while getting that nice watch, fancy outfit, cool sneakers, designer purse, expensive car, luxurious vacation, it is short-lived. You have that instant gratification when you purchase the item, but a few hours or days later, it’s just there, it sits, but what are you doing as a result? Exactly, you’re probably thinking what you SHOULD have done with that money, but at this point it is already too late. The money is long gone and you cannot get it back.

I think this happens to so many of us all the time. We come across money, and sometimes it’s really unexpected and we start thinking in our mind of what we NEED, when it’s actually what we WANT instead of doing what we NEED TO DO over WHAT WE WANT TO DO. While I know so many people who took that stimulus check and paid off outstanding bills and credit card debt, I know a lot of people who spent those funds frivolously and are now in a predicament where they are now wondering what they are going to do to cover expenses because they are not working and that extra money from unemployment has come to an end. It sucks, but I had to bring up the question, “Why didn’t you put a bit of money away for a rainy day?”

If there was anything I learned from this pandemic it is that it NEVER hurts to have money stashed for whatever. You don’t know when something unexpected can transpire and with that in mind it’s smart to be ahead of the game. Money is perhaps the most respected and the most disrespected item in the world. Why? If you don’t respect it, it can easily control you and if you respect it, you can control it. Yes, money is power, but that is an entirely different debate that I’m not even eager getting into right at this moment America.

The argument is that if you’re thinking you’re going to regret an expensive purchase than it’s a sign that you should NOT be making that purchase. With that said it is not a bad idea to save money to add up to that big purchase that you are making instead of having to take everything you have and dropping it on a purchase that you might not fully want to begin with. I sometimes make the argument that people who don’t pay bills, who don’t understand what it means to be an adult and have responsibilities they cannot ignore don’t understand the power of money and how it can work to your advantage and against your advantage if you don’t manage it correctly.

So many people say money is the root of all evil, but I believe money is an opportunity that allows you to have more freedom in life and to have control over what you can and what you cannot do. It never happens over night, but with time, with management and strategy, money can be spent in a way that you remain in control.

Written By Zoe Mitchell