UNITED STATES—There are over 10,000 types of mushrooms. All these have different functions, and some are poisonous upon human consumption. Mushrooms are fungi and not vegetables. They have a simple structure that comprises the stem, cap, and gills. 

Most of the time, they grow on their own in humid climates from tiny spores. Other times, commercial farmers produce them in structured places like wet, damp houses. You can easily spot a mushroom on the bark of trees or under them, taking advantage of the trees’ shade in humid climates.

Human beings can safely consume certain types of mushrooms, and as it turns out, these are so nutritious and add immense value to a regular diet. You can focus on your life and increase your productivity with mushrooms. After all good diet and sleep will help you get many bonus and promotions in life.

Nutritious Value of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are small fungi with many benefits on the human body. They have both preventive and healing values when incorporated into the meal.

A cup of sliced mushrooms, for example, contains up to 20 calories. If you are watching your caloric intake, then this is the best food for you. The low calories are suitable when trying to lose weight or for any need for low caloric intake.

Mushrooms also have very little to no fat or cholesterol. We usually associate the two components with almost all obesity problems. Working on fat and cholesterol intake can resolve several heart conditions by working on fat and cholesterol intake. If you need to keep your fats in check, then mushrooms are the way to go.

We also know the fungi for their protein levels. These are relatively low, but just what the body needs. For instance, a cup of mushrooms usually contains 1- 2 grams of proteins, which is quite enough for an average body’s needs.

Mushrooms are also responsible for better functioning of the liver and kidney. The edible fungi contain an antioxidant, L-ergothioneine, which protects the two vital organs of the body.

Mushrooms also add value to every meal because they are full of roughage. The fungi contain chitin, an indigestible carbohydrate that forms part of the bulk our guts need. This reduces constipation and helps with the cleaning of the intestines.

Fun Fact:

Mushrooms are the only plants containing vitamin D. The more exposed to the sun, the more vitamin D they absorb and transmit to the human body when eaten. So if you ever cannot bask in the morning sun, do mushrooms for dinner.

How To Identify Poisonous Mushrooms

Like earlier mentioned, not all mushrooms are safe for human consumption. There have been news of family deaths from mushroom feasts.

There are several ways to identify poisonous mushrooms. The first one is to identify their growth location. Where the mushroom grows can tell a lot about its lethal characteristics. You should check if it grows under shades or in direct sunlight, the type of tree it grows on, etc. for example, mushrooms that grow on eucalyptus trees are generally unsafe to consume.

The second one is the color of the mushroom and its general characteristics when exposed to certain conditions. For instance, watch what happens when you cut it, watch how the gills behave when exposed to direct light for long. For example, if you cut a mushroom and the area changes color, that is a red alert of poisonous fungi. Do not consume.

Aside from the physical determination, several online guides tell us how to identify and classify mushrooms. From there, you can learn whether the mushroom you have at hand is poisonous or safe for consumption.

You can also verify information with your nearest grocery store. If they sell mushrooms, chances are they have a lot of information about them.

Cooking Mushrooms

Making a meal out of mushrooms is one of the easiest forms of cooking there is. It only takes proper cleaning, shredding and low heat to make mushrooms delicious. There are several mushroom recipes on the internet that one can always try out.

Always wash the mushrooms thoroughly before chopping them in quarters. Please pay special attention to scrubbing in between the gills, as it is where most dirt hides.

You should note any color change during chopping, and not cook such mushrooms that change color.

After chopping, sauté in onions and any other spice you wish and cook in very low heat.

Bottom Line

As small and attractive as they are, mushrooms can be great meal sources or death tickets. However, they add immense value to every meal and are a great delicacy to try.