HOLLYWOOD—No surprise that the 2021 Grammy Awards have been postponed due to coronavirus concerns. The show, one of music industry’s biggest awards, was due to place on January 31, 2021. It is now postponed till March 14, due to the rising infection numbers in Los Angeles and the entire state. Beyonce, Taylor Swift  and Dua Lipa lead the nominations for this years ceremony, which were announced in November 2020.

It is unclear whether comedian Trevor Noah, will still host the show and take part in the ceremony. The truth of the matter is the music industry is in hiatus and the future of festivals, award shows and concerts is very uncertain, which many think will resume at the end of 2021. We can only hope. Virtual gigs will become more ambitious. You may recall the early days of lockdown were a voyeur’s wish come true, as the world’s biggest celebrities invited you into their living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms to play some tunes.

In November, Dua Lipa’s Studio 2054, set a new bar for livestreams. From Kyle and Miley Cyrus to Sir Elton John. Most likely virtual gigs will become the regular tapestry of the music industry.

So will concerts come back soon? Very hard to predict, could be by Easter, summer, or the end of the year. No one can really predict, since the pandemic continues to wreak havoc. With possible rapid turnaround COVID-19 tests at festival gates, that could be a possibility. Thermo-scanners, spraying fans with a disinfectant, as they enter a venue. Not sure if that would work. Social distancing enforced with interactive wristbands that vibrate, when you get too close.

So what has Taylor Swift been doing? Swift has been re-recording some of her hits like “Shake It Off” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Taylor kept herself busy during lockdown and recorded a two-album set of folk tales-earning herself an Album of the Year nomination from the Grammys in the process. Imagine re-recording every single single song from her first six albums. We all know why she’s doing this.

To regain artistic and financial control of her material, after her former record label sold her master tapes for a reported $300 million. Swift will retain control of the new recordings, meaning that when a film or TV show wants to use her music, she will get the royalties-not the hedge fund who bought the originals. The first glimpse of the sessions-an near-identical copy of 2008’s “Love Story” was revealed in November, so hopefully we’ll get more chances to enjoy the opportunity to spot the difference in 2021.

While Taylor continues to belt them out, Adele and Rihanna keep saying, I’ll finish it later, for the last three years. Rihanna has turned her attention to fashion, make-up and donating millions to COVID-19 relief. She’s turned to dancing on Instagram-while work on her ninth album progresses at the speed of a turtle.  Adele’s fourth album appears to be missing in action as well. So after three long years of waiting for both RiRi and Adele to release their new music, I’m officially giving up- hope they prove me wrong.

No worries, Drake is back with a new album titled, “Certified Lover Boy.” His first studio record since 2018’s “Scorpion.” Who else is releasing albums in 2021? Lana Del Rey, Foo Fighters, Travis Scott, Weezer, Arlo Parks, Paul Weller and Teenage Fanclub. In the studio are Cardi B, Lorde, Billie Ellish, Robert Plant, Zayn Malik and Artic Monkeys.

Rose’s Scoop: Who could forget that the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley would have been 86 years old on January 8, 2021. His legacy continues to live on. Elvis is a name known to many as the hip-swiveling, baritone singer who cause a frenzy among his fans during his lifetime. No surprise that a new biopic is in the works on his life by director Baz Luhrmann.