UNITED STATES—In recent years I have become more and more accustomed to watching the sport football. I’m not a sports person, I never have been. The level of athleticism in my family comes from my brothers, my sister, my father, my nephews and cousins. My father played football in high school, college and was damn good at it. He didn’t make professional football, but he was quite close. With that said, we’ve never bonded over football; it just wasn’t something I cared much about. I’d rather spend my time doing other things that bring me a bit more joy and excitement.

However, the sport, while not a favorite pastime of mine has become a fav of mine because I like the adrenaline rush it brings. I personally prefer college football over professional football. I just feel the collegiate athletes have a bit more they are fighting for, whereas once you make the pros, it is not necessarily a cakewalk, but you control your fate, in college it is not the case. There is more intensity in college football that is a lot more fun to watch, but professional football I have found quite thrilling as of late as well.

I’ve seen so many NFL games that have literally gone down to the final seconds, and I always thought those final seconds of a game could be determined with basketball compared to football, where a few plays a team that is down by a touchdown or a few points can change significantly. There is an excitement and you get to feed off that energy with other members of family as well, me in particularly with my father. It’s a good time for us to spend together and talk about life and sports, which let’s face it many father and sons do, all the time, me and my dad not always.

However, this is not just about me watching sports with my dad. I’m starting to watch them solo, which if you were to ask me 2 years ago, it would have never happened. I would much rather watch a movie or write something, but I have caught myself watching more NFL games as of late then ever before. I mean that football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks ago was fantastic to watch on TV. It was single-handedly the best football game I have ever seen.

Thrilling, exciting, constant power shifts, left you on the edge of your seat and gave football fans and people who don’t even love football the opportunity to see to two titans go at it and ended without disappointing people. I have told this to people time and time again that baseball is NOT America’s favorite pastime. Look, I will say it right now baseball is boring as hell. If you wanted to torture me, tie me to a chair and turn on a baseball game. The sport is slow, has no excitement and can go on for hours and hours.

I’ve gone to one baseball game in my lifetime and it was the worst 4 to 5 hours of my life that I cannot get back and I will NEVER GO TO A BASEBALL GAME AGAIN OR WATCH ONE PEOPLE! I guess the purpose of this column is to say you never know what you like and what you don’t like until you try it. Give sports or something that you thought is not your cup of tea and you could be surprised with the result people.