HOLLYWOOD—Normally, soap fans would only get one soap recap a week, but lately the remaining soaps on network television has been stirring all types of storylines to keep fans literally on edge. Just two weeks ago, “Days of Our Lives” stunned fans with the revelation that Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was the infamous Necktie Killer who was responsible for murdering Serena and Paige.

It appears Ben struck out of rage against his fiancée Abigail who has been secretly meeting with Chad, her ex whom she slept with. Ben’s dark side has emerged in a way that is allowing Wilson to really showcase his acting chops and it’s fun to watch on the small screen. Death on any soap is shocking, but this week “Days” left fans reeling with the latest victim of the Necktie murders being Will Horton. Yep, Sami and Lucas’ son met his demise after getting too close to discovering Ben’s identity.

This death has major ramifications on the town of Salem as Will is connected to almost every single person in town. I mean he has the Bradys, the Hortons, the DiMeras; this kid is royalty, so his death will echo for weeks in the town. I mean his baby mama, Gabi, just got released from prison, and will now be forced to raise her daughter alone. Not to mention Sonny departed for overseas on a bad note, so guilt will likely eat away at him as well. While Will’s death was shocking alone, Ben will deal with major repercussions from taking out Salem’s golden boy. I mean Marlena and Kate are his grandparents, and Will’s mother Sami will be rushing back to Salem to find the culprit responsible for killing her son.

Audiences should expect some top-notch acting all around with this untimely death, especially from Sweeney whose character already dealt with the death of her fiancé EJ and now her son. Ben has been having visions of the murders he’s committed and it’s only a matter of time before someone else gets a tip and finds themselves on the receiving end of an attack. Note: that 50th anniversary trailer for “Days of Our Lives” showcases Hope Brady being attacked by the killer, but she manages to injure her assailant in the melee. Writers have promised some major twists along the way, especially during the week of the soaps’ 50th anniversary. That means one of two things: Ben really isn’t the killer or that a MAJOR CHARACTER will bid adieu.

There are already several major players set to leave the “Days” canvas in the coming weeks. Such names include Shawn Cristian and Kassie DePaiva to name a few. Could they become possible victims of Salem’s latest serial killer? One never knows. With all this chaos happening, audiences cannot forget that Andre DiMera has returned from the dead. Considering that Justin spotted the nefarious one at the DiMera mansion, why hasn’t he spilled the beans to the rest of the town?

Another tantalizing narrative revolved around Caroline Brady’s health crisis. After constant hesitation, Kayla gave into Roman’s and Victor’s plea for her to administer a test drug on her mother in hopes it would lead to her recovery. This is where things get interesting, as it appears Bo’s tormentors are after that formula that Victor has been secretly working on. Interesting! Start thinking about which Salemite is interested in having that formula in their hands? I want to say Stefano considering he had Aiden cozy up to Hope to get her married, but that seems a bit too easy right? “Days of Our Lives” is on fire right now and looks to keep the train moving forward at warp speed.