CALIFORNIA—The California Department of Education released a 55-page guidebook for the safe reopening of public schools in the state on Monday June 10.

According to the CDE, the system comprises of 24,201 public and privately owned school buses, which transport approximately 1,121,857 students to and from school each day. Firstly, the CDE recommends local education authorities dictate collaboration between the instructional program staff, school transportation staff, and city bus services that will be necessary to ensure students reliant on school and city buses will be at school on time.

The guidebook subsequently encouraged practicing social distancing on the bus, which consequently limits seating capacity. Before students are allowed to get on the bus, the guidelines state that there needs to be a consideration of whether there is enough space for physical distancing at bus stops, as well as at school loading and unloading zones.

If physical space is confirmed, students and parents need to be informed on how to keep students and others safe at loading and unloading zones. Once students are allowed to get on the bus, they are required to have face coverings on while on the bus and at the bus stop. Students must also board the bus from the rear to the front.

In an effort to prevent students from walking past each other, students who get dropped off first should board the bus last, and sit in the front. One Aide will be on the bus to ensure distancing and to check symptoms.

Vehicles are required to meet all maintenance and inspection requirements before being placed back into service in accordance with Title 13 CCR 1232 Periodic Preventive Maintenance Inspection.