UNITED STATES—In an August 3 press release, the government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, shared new facts regarding the death of San Diego native and Air Force Veteran, Ashli Babbit during the riot on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

According to the press release, Judicial Watch was in receipt of 1,160 pages of documentation from the Office of Washington DC Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) regarding the cremation of Babbitt, and other facts about the U.S. Capitol riots.

On January 8, the OCME submitted an application to cremate her, labeling the body of Babbitt, as “completed successfully.”

Babbit, 35, was the woman depicted in videos of the January 6 who was shot to death by authorities while attempting to breach the U.S. Capitol.

Unites States Capitol Police (USCP), Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd, was named as the individual who fired the shot that killed Babbitt and has since been cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Canyon News attempted to find out more information from USCP and the DOJ where details regarding the case involving Byrd were not available on their websites.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch addressed the lack of information available in the death of Babbitt. Her parents have sued. Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizon and former President Donald Trump have joined in fact-finding efforts.

“There is an intense public interest in the shooting of Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol on January 6. The continued secrecy and delayed release of information about the shooting death of Ashli Babbit are suspicious and smacks of politics. That Americans still have no information about who killed her or any police report about her death is a scandal of epic proportions,” Fitton stated.

Fitton filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the case and has yet to hear back from the Metropolitan Police Department. Judicial Watch filed an additional FOIA lawsuit against the District of Columbia for documentation on the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

In an April 19 press release from the USCP website, it indicates that though officer Shicknick died of natural causes while defending the U.S. Capitol during riots on January 6. “Officer Sicknick died in the line of duty, courageously defending Congress and the Capitol.”

On March 14, Julian Elie Khater, 32, of State College, Pennsylvania along with George Pierre Tanios, 39, of Morgantown, West Virginia were arrested for assaulting Officer Sicknick.