HOLLYWOOD—Now that February sweeps are over, it looks like “General Hospital” is getting back to the art of storytelling. Yes, I say that word lightly, as I was a bit disappointed by what transpired on the popular soap during sweeps. The entire Luke mystery was no big shocker like the audience hoped, not to mention most of it didn’t add up; there were far more loopholes that I care to mention.

Back to business, now that Luke is no longer front-and-center in the storyline department, it seems the mob war is heating back up. I mean its amazing to see how one moment Sonny Corinthos and Julian Jerome are working together to protect their sons, the next minute they’re back to being mortal enemies in a mob war that is probably going to turn deadly at some point. Now, I know I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but Jordan’s time as a double agent may soon be up, as Duke and Sonny suspect she’s a cop. We know what Sonny does with cops?

It’s more frustrating to see Julian buddy up to Carlos who was responsible for shooting his sister Ava resulting in her ‘death.’ As most fans now know, Ava is very much alive and being cared for by Silas, but she is indeed on her deathbed, unless she can find a cure. Hmm, I’m sure the writers will weave some sort of tale, rumor has it that Nina Clay’s supposed ‘baby’ didn’t die, so start taking your guesses as to which Port Charles resident might be her bundle of joy? Just imagine what Nina will do when she comes face-to-face with her child.

The war to protect baby Avery is heating up to epic proportions. I must admit that Michael is becoming a bit of an ***hole with his drama lately, the whole self-righteous act is overrated. Sorry, but AJ Quartermaine was no damn saint and to punish your father Sonny for making a horrible mistake beyond belief is disheartening. Yes, Sonny was absolutely wrong, and will have to live with that the rest of his life.

Not only has he pushed his entire family away, but he is making plenty of enemies in Port Charles, dare I saw a possible murder could be in the works. Could a Corinthos truly fall? It’s possible if the writers seriously want to send shockwaves to the audience and deliver some top-notch acting at the same time. Perhaps, the biggest storyline moving up pacing is the Jake Doe mystery.

Many were hoping the truth about Jason Morgan’s identity would come to light during February sweeps, but at this point it looks like that might not happen till May or November sweeps. Be careful writers, you don’t want to drag this so long that the viewers become bored with the revelation. Seems the only bright person in PC is Spinelli who automatically spotted Jason aka Jake as his former BFF just by seeing his back. I mean the guy does wear black a lot, a color that Jason displayed all the time.

To make matters worse, Jake has become entangled in the mob war thanks to Commissioner Sloane, who is up to no good. Not to worry, Anna Devane is on his case and determined to nail him for whatever wicked deeds he has displayed. Jake is working for Julian Jerome, which does not bode well for Sonny who suspects Jake is hiding a lot more. Oh Sonny, the look on your face when you discover that Jake is your bestie Jason will be priceless, especially if you enact a death warrant on him.

The big surprise of the week is Ric Lansing’s newest plan to break up the blossoming relationship between Jake and Elizabeth by perhaps paying someone to portray his ‘wife,’ that person played by none other than “All My Children” alum Rebecca Budig. Yeah, can you imagine firecracker Budig with scenes from other actresses on the “GH” canvas. Drama! Things are moving along on the soap. “GH” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.