SANTA MONICA—On May 13, the city of Santa Monica issued a revised version of their safer at home order. The initial order stated that facial coverings were required when entering places of business.

The revision of the order includes any individuals engaging in outdoor activities (with the exception of water activities) who are required to wear a facial covering. Those engaging in essential activities where non-household members are gathered, requires the use of a facial covering.

Public health officials recommend the public to wash cloth masks after each use. They also suggest keeping cloths separate from laundry.

According to reports from public health officials, 11 percent of individuals tested within the last two weeks have been positive. The order states that all of the bold and aggressive measures are required to be put in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

As of Tuesday, May 19, the city of Santa Monica had a total 243 new confirmed cases. The order will remain in effect until June 13. On June 13, the order will be reevaluated to see how the city of Santa Monica will proceed