HOLLYWOOD─I will admit things have been slightly slow on the ABC soap “General Hospital!” Hmm, that might be the direct result of the Impeachment Trial which has interrupted Daytime TV for the past few weeks. With that said a massive shooting transpired in Port Charles recently where the people Sonny Corinthos adores were placed in the line of fire.

Lucky for Sonny and company, none of his loved ones were injured, however, Mayor Laura Webber took a bullet. So the Spencer and Webber clan has rallied around the mayor in her dire time of need. The target might have been Sonny’s loved ones, but the culprit missed on that. Jason took out thugs in New York; Dustin came to the aide of Michael, Sasha and Joss, while Carly was rescued by a familiar face for Gladys. That familiar face for Gladys was the son she told everyone was died, but very much alive, and his name is Brando.

The question the audience and Carly in particular wants to know is how Brando is tied to this mess and why did Gladys note her son was dead, when he is very much alive. Carly started snooping and she has found some things people. With that said, Jax is already on a warpath worried about his daughter’s safety, just as he attempts to navigate his relationship with Nina. As we previously discussed they kissed but both pulled away, out of fear of rushing into something. Ava spotted the moment, just as Valentin started to gloat about his freedom.

He went to battle with Nikolas warning that Helena Cassadine is playing them both from beyond the grave, not to mention, Finn and Jax telling Elizabeth the truth about Hayden’s disappearance. Liz slapped her former lover and pal for forcing her sister out of town to get his way. We all know Nikolas has a twisted and devious side when it comes to him angling to get what he believes is rightfully his.

I mean Spencer wanted nothing to do with his dad after learning he led him to believe he was dead for nearly 3 years. As we all know it was about Nikolas planning his vengeance on Valentin. Yes, a tough and very harsh pill to swallow to say the least. Let’s get back to Brando, because Gladys spilled the tea to Sonny and Carly, who were not pleased to be deceived, as it became clear this lie with Dev might get ready to explode. Why? Gladys lied that Dev is Brando’s son, so wouldn’t it just make sense for him to get a DNA test to prove it? I’m certain that is on his mind people.

In other PC news, it looks like Finn is quite concerned about Peter, just as Anna has promised to protect him from Jason. Anna look closer because your ‘son’ is not the saint you want him to be. Anna’s recent conversation with Finn has him worried. He sees Finn getting closer to Violet and that worries him. Making the situation worse is the fact that Finn has addressed his concerns with Sam, who relayed that information to Jason. So Finn, Jason and Sam all know Peter might be culpable in what has transpired with her being jailed for murder. They are just navigating to get the evidence to prove it.

It is indeed February Sweeps so I sense that walls getting ready to close in on Peter, as are the walls on Brad, with Lucas coming back to his family. His memory is shaky, but we know the bomb about Wiley being Jonah and Nelle being his mother is certain to explode. I mean Nelle is staying in the Quartermaine mansion, Brooklynn is not happy, nor is Tracy who has fled town again, and Michael and Sasha have shown themselves to be a united front. The question to ask is what happens now that Willow was sent packing as Wiley’s nanny. She still has no idea Wiley is not her son, but expect fireworks when the truth explodes, hopefully before May 2020!