HOLLYWOOD—Damn, will the writers give Nicole Walker-DiMera a break on “Days of Our Lives?” She ‘lost’ her baby boy thanks to a wicked scheme involving Sloan, Melinda, Leo and Dimitri and now her daughter, Holly has overdosed on drugs and is in a coma. A woman can only take so much, as she sits by her daughter’s bedside in the hospital waiting for her to wake up.

Guess who is close in her orbit? Eric Brady and that is making EJ angry. He has been a loose cannon ever since he ‘lost’ the baby with Nicole. He has stuck it to Gabi and Stefan for trying to hoodwink him with the DiMera enterprises and now he is sticking it to Tate for what he suspects is his role in Holly’s overdose. Here’s the problem, EJ knows that Stefan and Ava are connected to some drug peddling in the city that has led to Holly receiving tainted drugs.

Why EJ is protecting Stefan and not sticking it to him and forcing Tate, an innocent teen to take the fall, I will never understand. I mean Tate was indeed appalled when Holly showed him the drugs and even warned her it was not a wise idea to partake in such danger. He would know considering what his parents endured. However, EJ is proving he is out for blood and I think this is his goal to ensure Nicole is protected at all costs even if it makes him public enemy #1.

EJ is creating a big enemy out of Brady and Theresa. Brady in particular who tried to get Rafe to put the charges on him to protect his son, but nothing was sticking. Theresa was even forced to defend her son to Alex, who thought Justin wasn’t a good enough lawyer for Tate. Tate is very nervous and considering he’s in the slammer, threats are being levied in his direction and you can guess who is responsible, Clyde Weston.

Yes, he is the villain who just refuses to die or go away. Stefan and Ava are in his clutches, and I also suspect Everett aka Bobby is connected to Clyde as well. Why Everett and Bobby haven’t crossed paths in the small town of Salem yet, I cannot explain. Ava is in rough waters as Tripp suspects she is involved in the drug peddling (she is) and Harris is starting to see some red flags that if he only connects the dots it all leads back to his former flame.

Tripp and Wendy were expected to vacate Salem, but that is now on the backburner as Wendy wants to be with Tripp and Tripp is too concerned about Ava to allow her to be in Salem all alone when she is finally exposed by Harris and the rest of the Salem Police Department. I felt sorry for Leo at first, but him blackmailing Sloan makes me feel worse for her. I mean if Leo cared he would have exposed the truth about Nicole’s kid, but he has refused for his own personal gain.

I don’t think the people in Salem are realizing EJ DiMera is the District Attorney. This man is ruthless in business and even more ruthless as an attorney. Do people fail to realize when he learns about Jude being Eric and Nicole’s child, he is going to want blood from Melinda, Sloan, Leo, Dimitri and ANYONE who knew the secret and didn’t spill the tea?

Paulina is battling a medical crisis which is building her bond with Abe whose memory is returning. Chanel and Johnny are getting closer as well, and it looks like marriage could be in the works for the twosome. Sarah and Xander are back where they should be as well. However, Konstantin is still causing trouble for Steve and John and they are not pleased with him. Threats were issued, but it appears Konstantin might know something about John’s past, and it is going to rear its ugly head in the coming weeks. The only problem is there are so many secrets from John’s past that the “DOOL” writers might do some good by giving viewers a refresher!