HOLLYWOOD—New Year, new secrets, and plenty and I mean plenty of drama erupted on “General Hospital.” I cannot remember the last time the soap delivered so much in a single week and we haven’t even talked about that tease from the 60th Anniversary special that we will discuss later. I thought we might have to wait until February Sweeps for the bomb about Nina being the culprit who reported Carly and Drew to the SEC, nope, Michael’s antics got him exposed as Sonny wanted the truth and it was revealed.

He was furious, Sonny is always angrier when he realizes someone has lied to his face for weeks as if they don’t know the truth, when they actually do. He lashed out at Nina and it is so bad at the moment he kicked her out, Nina is the enemy once again in Port Charles and I am sick and tired of this mess. Carly has done the exact same things as Nina if not worse and guess what, she get a pop on the hand if nothing at all.

I mean she lied about Jason being Michael’s father, when it was AJ, she kept that Nelle was Nina’s daughter, then kept that Willow was Nina’s daughter. Did Carly face the music for any of those lies? Not really. The writers miraculously crafted the storyline paying acknowledgement to the death of Jaclyn Zeman with this secret coming out to provide extra sorrow for Carly and I just can’t anymore.

The producers and writers at “GH” have to stop letting some characters literally get away with murder and force them to pay for the sins of their crimes. I think that is one of the reasons people have such an affinity for the characters Carly Spencer, Michael Quartermaine and Josslyn Jacks. Why? They act like they are higher on the morale standard and people can’t stand it. I am so happy that Willow has put the fire on Michael about his deception. Yes, strife is in their marriage as a result of Michael keeping this secret and it’s about time.

Nina was forced to confess the truth per Sonny’s wishes to Carly who noted she would never forgive Nina. Carly, you keep two of this woman’s children from her. Stop acting like what she did is worse than what you did. You committed an actual crime, both you and Drew and the writers only added on the sympathy because they had Drew get his butt kicked in prison.

After more than what two years of playing the character of Drew, we finally saw some range from Cameron Mathison as he got angry. About damn time and it looks like Drew is about to cross over to the dark side as he wants revenge against Nina for her role in exposing his and Carly’s crime. I mean Sam wasn’t spiteful about Nina’s reveal because even she knows a crime was committed. Sonny is in even more trouble because Cyrus was viciously beaten, and he pointed the finger at Sonny and Dante was forced to arrest his father who is on a rage bender.

If you thought that chaos was bad, Nikolas Cassadine is back! Yes, he made his presence known by confronting Ava in the role of his ‘death.’ Oh, she was not as furious as I expected, but still angry. However, something is telling me that these two are about to get back together and it is going to leave plenty of people furious in the aftermath. Ava has turned over the leaf a bit since Nikolas’ ‘disappearance.’

He was full of rage at his former flame trying to kill him, but admitted to his deception and revealed some tantalizing details. He is NOT trying to purchase Wyndemere and he has NOT been sending her threatening notes. So if it is not Nikolas then who is it? Get those thinking caps on because this is one that has me baffled now.

Even worse is that Nikolas is planning to get revenge on Esme, but Nikolas you’re a wanted criminal. You can’t just walk back into Port Charles and not expect to face the music for your crimes of holding Esme captive. And guess what, Esme has remembered it all, so all she has to do is speak and it’s over for you. Esme visited Ryan’s grave and then Heather behind bars, so I’m concerned as to what might happen next. She turned herself into the police after that break-in at Wyndemere under the guise that she would be let go, nope she was carted off to prison. Cody’s number is finally up as Felicia tested his DNA with Mac’s and has confirmation that he is Mac’s son. Yeah, why Cody would want to keep that secret I will never understand.

Nina is leaning on Sasha in her time of need, and I am happy that Nina has at least Ava and Sasha in her corner. Those women have done wicked things, and they can see both sides. It’s not just about Carly paying once for her sins but seeing Nina’s side of things as well. Oh, in case it has not been mentioned, Jason Morgan is slated to come back to Port Charles. Yes, Steven Burton is returning to “General Hospital” to portray the mobster who is Sonny’s best ally, Carly’s true love and Sam’s love also. Last time we saw Jason he was presumed dead, but a body was never found, so you know what that means America. He is still alive.

I love that Jason is coming back because that means Dex is about to be exposed and guess who else is about to be exposed, Michael, Josslyn and Carly! Jason Morgan cannot return to PC any faster.