HOLLYWOOD—So Victor Newman has made another big move in his quest to shape his family on “The Young and the Restless” people. I’ll be honest, I am so damn bored with “The Young and the Restless” right now. I just feel like this is the one soap opera that just fails on epic scales with bringing that drama and mystery that keeps the viewer glued in. Yet, everyone seems to watch this soap lie its iconic (and for what).

I mean the Victoria and Ashland love affair, the audience and everyone in Genoa City knew would result in the duo reuniting. Yes, Ashland duped her greatly, but guess what: THEY’RE IN LOVE PEOPLE! It was inevitable that they would find themselves back to one another. Victoria had a screaming match with Victor and Nikki about her decision to realign with Ashland after everything he did to her and the family and Victor was NOT pleased people.

This resulted in Victoria noting she was done with Newman Enterprises. Now I will be honest, that reveal did shock me because I did NOT expect it at all people. More intriguing is the fact that Victor decided to appoint Adam as the new CEO of the company. Well this is what Adam wanted all along and he celebrated with Sally. There is a problem people; Adam is not aware that he is being used as a puppet by his father, who is hoping he can lure Victoria back to the company. Adam and Sally were on cloud nine, but little do they realize that as soon as Victoria is ready to come back to Newman Enterprises, Adam will be booted quicker than one can count to death.

Imani, Elena and Nate are all dancing around a big issue. Imani has always been flirtatious with Nate and Elena has slightly dusted it off, but as of late her eyes have been opened to the fact that Imani wants her man and it led to some steamy moments, ones that Nate had to confess to. It has become so obvious that Amanda, Imani’s sister, told her to back off. Remember Amanda is dating Devon, and has history with Elena. Yeah, it is convoluted and quite confusing, but things could get very messy if Nate gives into temptation and takes on Imani’s advances people.

The Chancellor-Winters merger was celebrated with Jill returning to town, Billy and Lily being at odds, and Nate causing a scene that led to Devon calling him out on his antics people. I keep forgetting Devon was responsible for ending nates surgical career after that fight they had when he discovered Nate slept with Elena. So if I was Nate I would be a bit peeved about the situation also. However, Nate seems to think he’s in charge, but has failed to realize Devon is in the driver seat with Lily sitting next to him.

Summer and Kyle have struck against Ashland in a way he never expected: Harrison. This might be a war that I don’t think Kyle actually wants to dance with if I’m being honest people. With that said, Diane Jenkins made her presence known once again and Nikki was peeved as was Jack Abbott. Diane is subtly playing her cards just right causing her nemesis Phyllis to spin out of control. Phyllis sees what Diane is up to, the problem is no one else will acknowledge it so it’s making her seem a bit rattled and not in the best way people.

Traci and Ashley Abbott celebrated 40 years on the soap. Wow, it’s hard to believe both of these ladies have been on this soap since the early 80s. It just tells you how time flies or the fact that you can indeed have longevity in the soap arena people.  However, I’m still waiting for the serious drama people. Where is it? C’mon “Young and Restless” writers give the viewers what they want.