HOLLYWOOD—Well, as I always say, secrets have a way of coming to light and that was seen better than ever this week courtesy of wicked Sami Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” Sami just despises Nicole and to see her sink so low to deliver the gut punch to her foe by exposing her fling with Xander just as her brother Eric got back to town was wicked. Nicole was heartbroken, shattered and furious. She was well aware her nemesis, was responsible for the truth being exposed, and Nicole wanted payback.

I mean Sami you really paid $1 million to have Xander expose the truth, shows she is not only trying to cover her tracks, but to ensure that Xander doesn’t spill about her rendezvous with Lucas. Brady wanted an explanation from Xander about revealing the big secret and it led to the enemies nearly coming to blows as accusations were thrown and evidence of Sami being guilty surfaced. Also Xander lost his job with Brady Black. Belle believes Sami is guilty, John believes it as well; Marlena suspects it and Brady and Chloe seem to think the same. Evidence was obvious as Brady spotted that suitcase of money in Xander’s possession.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, Xander really doesn’t have leverage over anyone. Why not? He has given up all that information that he had as a bargaining chip. I mean he already has legal issues thanks to Julie exposing Xander’s connection to Dr. Snyder. Its apparent Eli knows that there is more to Xander and Gwen’s relationship to Snyder than they are willing to expose.

By week’s end, a bit surprise came to light: Lucas was determined to expose that letter Kristen wrote to EJ about Sami’s affair with him. Lucas was willing to play dirty to stick to EJ and hope to reclaim his former love. Yeah, Lucas, I would not take advice from Philip of all people. Why? Sami doesn’t love you I don’t think she has loved you in years people and a tryst here and there is not that much. However, EJ got his hands on a letter that Sami thought she destroyed, not to mention Jake and Gabi already knew the truth. In addition, EJ is not a fan of Lucas so can you imagine what nefarious plans he has to get back at Lucas for sleeping with his wife? Uh, murder could be in the cards people.

The question the audience wants to know is how would EJ react to the news? Would he seek vengeance against Sami, Lucas or destroy the lives of people connected to those two. I’ll be honest EJ did cheat on Sami all those years back with Abigail, and Sami forgave him, so his heart should be open to a little forgiveness right? Audiences will have to wait awhile to learn that result, as with the other big surprise if you want to call it that. Ben Weston is determined to get his wife Ciara to recall their love.

The situation has become dire as a result of Ciara wanting to walk down the aisle with Theo as soon as possible in her attempt to dissolve her marriage. So Ben and Claire devised a plan for him to kidnap Ciara and have Claire pose as Theo’s bride to be to allow Ben to hopefully job his former’s flame’s love for him. I will admit at first I liked the pairing of Ben and Ciara, but the constant one has to save the other from danger got old after 2-3 go arounds. The audience will ONLY salivate at that storyline so much before the boredom sinks in.

In other romance news, Chanel is indeed jealous of the developing relationship between Tripp and Allie and Allie is indeed sending mixed messages. One minute she is kissing Chanel the next she is sleeping with Tripp. Allie doesn’t really know what she wants and needs to take some time to actually figure that out people. Justin turned down Bonnie’s proposal for marriage and it seems that Philip thinks he has a shot with Chloe when it is so obvious her chemistry to Brady draws him closer to her orbit.

A lot of chaos is transpiring in the romance world, it sucks that as soon as Eric Brady came to town his gown in a flash. No new episodes of “Days of Our Lives” for a few weeks as the Tokyo Olympics air, but the Salem drama will return August 9 and I expect it to be plenty of chaos people.