HOLLYWOOD—This is a war that I thought would be brewing, but never did I expect it to reach these reigns America. Yes, Nina Reeves is out for blood particularly Carly Corinthos on “General Hospital.” Nina eavesdropped on a conversation between Jax and Carly at Sonny’s memorial and she connected the dots that Carly may have been responsible for Nelle’s fall on that cliff. To be honest, she got confirmation when she overheard that conversation between Jax and Carly at the church and deduced that it was Carly who could have saved Nelle’s life, but she ‘hesitated’ and rightfully so. Let’s be honest America: we all know that is not the case, but Nina wants someone to blame.

She plans to utilize her former flame, Valentin to do her bidding. Valentin is an evil mastermind, but he has never dallied with players like Sonny, Carly, Jax and Jason Morgan people. We all know Valentin is going to jump at this opportunity to hopefully have Nina back in his orbit and with all due account, Nelle fell at her own volition. However, Carly found herself in the hot seat yet again, at a public lashing courtesy of Nina at Sonny’s memorial of all places.

Not the time Nina, and it appalled all, especially Jax who was hoping to calm his lover down, but his betrayal may have been too much for her to handle. Hmm, yet Valentin making you think a woman was your daughter who was not, isn’t worse? Yeah, make that make sense for me America. With that said, I’m eager and I mean eager to see Valentin go to war with Sonny and Jason, cause these are mobsters people, they make people disappear and Jason will fight to the depths of the Earth for Carly so this should be fun.

Even more fun will be the war that continues brewing between Jax and Valentin. Two egos, powerful businessmen, one whose dark side has not been fully manifested (Jax), whereas Valentin has no idea of what Jax is capable of, at least his wicked brother, Jerry Jacks. On top of this impending war, it seems that Nina is likely to come into knowledge that Sonny is very much alive and being cared for by Nina’s former nurse, Phyllis. It is so obvious that Nina will learn this truth and keep it from Carly, which will force this impending war to explode in epic, and I mean epic fashion.

Valentin better be careful because it feels like many bombs are about to start exploding around him, notably the big one involving what he learned about Peter August. Yes, Peter confessed all to Valentin about framing Liesl, causing Drew’s plane to crash (that’s murder people), trying to murder Franco and Dr. Maddox and all the latest shenanigans that he has taken part in. Valentin warned him clearly that he should be afraid of Jason Morgan, and Anna Devane has connected the dots realizing that Peter is tied to EVERYTHING that is occurring with Franco, Liesl, Drew, Jason and all the other players.

We keep hearing about this double wedding, but nothing has transpired as of yet. Dante knows all about Peter’s dangerous side, and has warned Maxie who visited Nathan’s grave hoping for answers. The answers are staring you right in the face Maxie and when you see Peter for who he is, it is going to be heartbreaking to witness. I love the Dante and Sam pairing, as well as the Britt and Jason pairing, as it has become clear that something is indeed wrong with Britt medically. We don’t know the gist of it all just yet, but something is brewing there America, so watch out for that truth to come to light at some point.

All signs are pointing to Jackie knowing that Finn is Chase’s father and the wedding will be the unveiling of that major bomb people. If that wasn’t enough drama, Jackie is working with Martin and Cyrus in hopes of helping them locate where Florence Gray is being held by Spinelli, Carly, Jason and Bobbie. Like I said in my last column, the Cyrus war is simmering down in a major way America, and I’m ok with it.

However, another tale that seems to be building is the danger lurking for Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine. Ava received a treat for Valentine’s Day, but it was more of a horror story sending a clear warning, this happily ever after that she is planning with Nikolas might be rearing its ugly head. We all know Ryan Chamberlain is not dead and his so called illness is being faked. Ryan has already tortured Ava and it looks like his mayhem will only intensify in the coming weeks.

The one caveat about from February Sweeps is that we no longer have to wonder who Nina’s daughter is because we know its Nelle, so the question no remains: is she truly dead or alive somewhere and just waiting to make her grand comeback?