HOLLYWOOD—I knew it, I absolutely called it that Nina Reeves would be the person to discover that Sonny Corinthos was very much alive on “General Hospital.” I mean it is fitting revenge against Carly for her antics and latest stunt involving Nina being denied access to seeing her grandson Wiley. Stressed beyond what anyone could endure after discovering the daughter you’ve been eager to reunite with is dead, Nina fled town to visit her pal Phyllis and she was left aghast upon seeing Sonny in the flesh.

Nina poked a bit to see what Sonny could remember, but got nowhere. So she prompted a phone call to Carly to reveal the bombshell. I mean Nina had good intentions, but who could have ever expected Ava to go poking her nose where it didn’t belong, getting Carly riled up and lashing out a Nina before she could spill the truth? As a result, Nina has decided to keep mum on Sonny being alive for now and is getting to know ‘Max’ a lot better. Something tells me a romance could be brewing between Nina and Sonny, not sure if the writers will head in that direction, but it appears so.

In massive Port Charles news, everyone knows Peter August is a pariah except Peter August himself! As a result, he has constantly pushed boundaries, antagonizing and annoying anyone he can. If it is not taunting Sam about Jason being imprisoned, he’s pestering Maxie who has asked for space, but he’s constantly intruding even though he has been asked not to. It seems the writing is on the wall for Peter August to soon have a date with the Grim Reaper and “GH” might have its first murder mystery of a whodunit in a very long time.

Speaking of Peter, he has aligned with Cyrus Renault of all people to handle Jason Morgan. Bad idea Peter, because Gladys has told a lie and it’s only a matter of time before Carly and Jason learn the truth and unleash wholly hell on Gladys and send Brando’s annoying mother out of PC for good. The spark between Brando and Sasha seems to continue to build, just as the spark between Chase and Willow is fizzling if I’m being honest. I saw the pairing between Michael and Willow from miles away, and as for Sasha and Brando it’s so obvious just by placing those two on the screen together you see it.

Not sure, where this actually leaves Chase, but I could see a possible Brook Lynn pairing. The two are obviously friendly and with her impending birth, and Valentin well aware that he is the father, Brook Lynn might be up to her old tricks to regain her family’s company, ELQ. Valentin wants a role in his child’s life this time around and is willing to work with Brook Lynn to ensure that happens, even if it’s against Charlotte’s wishes. Yeah, this is a spoiled child so if you think having a baby brother or sister would make her happy think again.

Carly shot down Cyrus’ offer to exchange his mother for Jason’s freedom, which means Sam and Britt, yes that Britt people are working to find a way to neutralize Peter. Let’s say everyone is doing that because who ever expected Carly and Anna Devane of all people to align to ensure Peter doesn’t hurt anyone else. Curtis and Portia are getting closer people. I see a love connection there, which will make Taggert and Jordan jealous to say the least. Taggert is wavering rather to plead guilty or not guilty as he fights to protect the people he loves from Cyrus and his quest for vengeance.

The way things are ramping up not ONLY is Peter August’s downfall in play, I think a few people’s lives will be at risk as well because when Peter is cornered he lashes out and in the worst way possible, so Anna, Valentin, Liesl, Britt, Maxie, Carly, Jason, Sam and anyone who he thinks is a threat could be see death sooner than they expect. I’m looking forward to May sweeps people!