HOLLYWOOD—I honestly thought when Kristen DiMera was carted off to jail for her role in attempting to kill Victor Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives” that would be the end of the vixen. Boy was I wrong, because Kristen has been busy people and I mean busy. Hell she is front and center right now when it comes to the narrative on the soap.

First, we have to chat about the surprise that I didn’t even see coming: Lindsey Godfrey is out as Sarah Horton on the soap. It just seemed to come out of left field and so unexpectedly it was frustrating as a viewer. I mean the writers could have given fans a better departure then this. Let me put on a fake mask, seduce your former flame Rex, then turn around break Xander’s heart and just disappear into thin air?

Hell, I heard someone say it best, Kristen towers Sarah, so how would NO ONE NOT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE?! Only in the soap world can you pull off something this stupid and actually get away with it. With that said, Sarah was drugged, placed in a treasure box and carted off to places we don’t know. The audience got another glimpse of Sarah this week and things did not look good to say the least.

Kristen might think she has gotten away with her latest stunt, but the fractures of her relationship are becoming more evidence. How so? Brady discovered that Chloe has lingering feelings for him. Remember these two were a big item back in the day and I always thought they should reunite and it looks like that could be on the horizon. Especially, and I mean especially with Kristen’s latest shenanigans. The Susan fake-out is working for the moment, and Kristen continues to gain leverage by overhearing conversation people least expect. She heard damning information courtesy of Sami and Lucas that she plans to use to her advantage, especially considering she doesn’t want the lid blown off her scheme.

Kristen isn’t the only mover and shaker in Salem, because Gabi Hernandez is getting closer to Philip of all people. He was injured and he nursed him back to health, much to the chagrin of Jake and Kate. Kate and Gabi have a love hate relationship, but she definitely doesn’t want Gabi getting intertwined with her son. As for Jake, he has a torch for Gabi, he’s hiding it, but it is slowly, but surely starting to get exposed.

Theo is back in the flesh in Salem and has his eyes set on Ciara, who still can’t remember her love for Ben, even though she has a strong attraction to him. Ben is fighting for his wife to remember their love, just as Theo has made it clear he wants Ciara. I mean they were an item once, as was he and Claire. Ben is hoping Marlena could help Ciara remember, but the doc can’t save everyone, as she is worried about her hubby John. Why?

Well, John recalls hearing a gunshot the night that Charlie was murdered. Yes, the suspect list is growing people. We know for certain that Sami and Ali didn’t shot Charlie, but the target list is starting to shift to Ava, who was indeed in the presence of Charlie when he was shot, but the question lingers did she pull the trigger and if not who is she covering for people? Nicole is focused on getting to the truth, but that could open the door for danger if she gets too close America.

Back with Eli and Lani, there twins were christened and we met another face of the Price family, Chanel. Yes, Chanel is a character just like her mama, the big difference being she’s spoiled, bratty and has a connection to someone in Salem besides Lani and Paulina, its Theo! Yes, Theo and Chanel apparently were an item people and she is looking to rekindle that romance if possible, but Theo has his eyes settled elsewhere.