SANTA MONICA — Between May 17 and May 23, eight new coronavirus cases were reported. That number is twenty-two less than the 30 that was previously reported.

Reports showed three times where the curve flattened earlier within the pandemic. However, the number of cases began to rise again. The model used to represent cases showed a staircase.

According to city officials, the number of hospitalized COVID victims dropped from averaging 1700 to averaging 1400.

The Santa Monica nursing homes numbers are reportedly stabilizing as well.

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a press release on May 26 that the deaths in the nursing home have dropped from 176 for the week of May 2, to 60 for the week of May 23.

The press release also says that public and private gatherings are still not permitted. However, beach bike paths and parking lots are reopening. Along with indoor mall curbside service and select vehicle parades.