UNITED STATES—I have always appreciated those who work in the nursing profession. It is not an easy field to work in at all. With that said, this week has been a hell of a journey for me America. They say you find yourself tested when your loved ones are facing a serious crisis, whether personal or medical. For my family, it was my father facing a crazy medical situation.

His functions and vitals just seemed to shut down out of nowhere and it was like a panic I wish I could describe in words, but I was not able to converse with you accurately even if I wanted to and I truly mean that. Hospitals, you either love them or you hate them, that is just how I see things. With that said, you have to find yourself dealing with a string of doctors and nurses as you aim to get answers and you’re not certain if you will get the answers that you are looking for.

I will admit the doctors were great giving details when asked, but that is the problem sometimes with patients who don’t always spill the information in the best possible way for you to fully understand. With that said, my father has some terrific nurses and I have to commend them. When I say these nurses were attentive, caring and did their job to an exceptional ‘T’ I mean that America.

They changed his bedding, cleaned him up, made sure he was comfortable, discarded of any urine, made sure if he was in pain they addressed it, they checked his vitals on consistent basis and ensured that he was comfortable. This was not something they did once or twice, they did this on multiple occasions during their shift and trust me I know because I was at the hospital on average 8 to 12 hours; as soon as visiting hours started until when they ended.

I have to commend Ellie and Tish my dad’s nurses because they put me at ease and helped me not worry. The worrying was something that I was not able to shake at all for days at a time, but after speaking to them and getting some of their observations from his behavior and symptoms I started to ease a bit. They always say nurses who treat their patients like one of their own family members are the best types because they are going to care about the patients and ensure their wellbeing is a top priority regardless of the situation.

A nurse who is personable, relatable and does their job with the utmost professionalism. It is no easy task because you’re talking about 12-hour shifts for most nurses and trust that tends to be the case. You’re either working 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. 8-to-10 hour work days are expected, 12 is pushing the threshold and when you go beyond 12 the body is going to be tested, which I think nurses see time and time again.

Not once did his nurses give me the impression they were annoyed or didn’t want to be bothered. If I had a question, they were ready and willing to answer it, and were quite detailed in providing the best possible answer. Guess what, if they didn’t have the answer they were sure to find someone who could give me the answer to whatever question(s) that I had.  My father is not out of the woods yet, but knowing he has nurses in his corner that are watching his every move makes me feel so much more at ease, words cannot express the gratitude and admiration I have for those who work in the medical profession.