BEVERLY HILLS—The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed on Monday, September 26 that they are investigating a Beverly Hills gang rape allegation against NBA star Derrick Rose, of the New York Knicks.

Rose is one of three defendants named in a $21.5 million sexual battery lawsuit that was filed in August 2013, alleging that Rose and his two friends slipped the victim a drug during a party at Rose’s Beverly Hills’ home, followed her back to her apartment and then raped her while she was incapacitated.

The woman, identified in court records as “Jane Doe,” said she and Rose were once in a relationship and that he consistently tried to pressure her into having group sex.

In a session with reporters on Monday, Rose said that he did not know of the investigation until that day and that he had not spoken with officials from the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I’m not worried about it,” Rose told reporters. “I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong.” “I will be proven innocent,” he added to the press.

The lawsuit claims that Jane Doe had been drinking at Rose’s Beverly Hills’ home when him and his two friends slipped something in her drink. A friend helped her home, where she threw up and passed out.

The lawsuit further alleges that Rose and his friends followed her home that night and raped her while she was incapacitated – adding that she awoke the next morning to find used condoms scattered around her.

All three defendants contend the sex was consensual. A civil trial is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 4.