UNITED STATES—As of April 26, Donald J. Trump is facing a multitude of trials. As a true businessman, the former sitting President has kept up with a busy court schedule that leaves little to no time to campaign in the 2024 Presidential election. Even so, the former President remains ahead in the polls and is the projected winner for the Republican party.

Many people have opted out of watching the news over the last few years due to the constant political barrage. While a friendly banter back and forth can be tolerated, the constant battle and vile opinions cannot.

Canyon News has been covering the accusations against President Trump since he announced his nomination at Trump Tower with the lovely Melania at his side on the golden escalator.

One of the first articles I wrote was about the alleged aged-old affair between then-businessman Donald J. Trump and a stripper from Louisiana named Stephanie Clifford who gained her fame in the adult film industry. She didn’t use her birthname. She called herself, “Stormy Daniels.” The lengthy legal battle went on until Daniels admitted she never intended to sue Trump. In the end, her former attorney Michael Avenatti, was charged and fined on a separate Domestic Violence charge and lost much of his credibility in the Stormy Daniels case.

Here we are in 2024, with a Hush money case resurfacing against Donald Trump. I’m no legal expert, but is this not a violation of the 5th Amendment? An American citizen cannot be tried for the same crime twice. Here they are bringing up charges that Trump has already been cleared of, renaming them, and charging him again.

Interference with an election. Those allegations were tried when President Trump was a sitting President. Trump secured the border, lowered our gas prices, showered the American citizens with the best economy in years, while not accepting a paycheck.

As the 45th President of the United States, he may not have had a military background, but he was our Commander in Chief. He represented the United States in a positive light and was respected by world leaders.

He brought business that had been taken out of the country to Mexico and brought it back to U.S. soil.

The Democrat party has gone from being our grandparents party they believed was “for the poor,” to a Trump-hating, Pro-abortion party. The new regime is causing a mass exodus from not only from the Democrat party, but from voting all together.

There was an old policy passed down from one generation to the next that reminded people that we do not openly speak of religion or politics, not in a mixed crowd anyway. Today, someone would take issue with that. The words, “mixed crowd,” would be somehow turned into a racial slur when it’s not. The mix was only a mix of opinions. The topics were avoided at all costs to prevent the kind of division we are going through today.

So, off the soapbox and back on topic. How, can a former sitting President be tried in Georgia, by a new District Attorney who openly expressed her hatred for the man on trial, and had an affair with the Prosecutor?

Trump has had approximately four trials going on in the last five months alone. He has been investigated more than any other sitting President including Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

It is not clear how those who target a former sitting President are not charged with election interference. Donald Trump has been investigated since 2015. No prosecutable evidence has arisen during this time. He has been fined millions of dollars for what he has said, given a gag order, and no one is charged for slandering him.

The average American, party-not-withstanding, has grown weary of the war against Trump. It’s not causing more people to hate the former President. If anything, his popularity is growing.